1917, the movie… my thoughts in less than a hundred words

This…             movie……         is…..             freaking…..         amazing.       Cancel other plans.           Go watch it.             Thank me later.         -Out of theContinue reading “1917, the movie… my thoughts in less than a hundred words”

Mine (Netflix) a short movie review (warning: spoilers)

Last night I was searching for an action/thriller movie to watch on Netflix and started watching a 2017 movie called Mine. Just from watching the trailer you know this guy accidentally steps on a mine and for the rest of the film has to figure out how to survive until he can be rescued. ToContinue reading “Mine (Netflix) a short movie review (warning: spoilers)”

Not as good as I remember it

Is there something from your past that doesn’t live up to it’s memory? For me, it’s typically music or movies. Pretty much any 90s song is now labeled as a “90s song” because it has a certain sound to it, right? But back then you’d think music couldn’t get any better. Let’s face it, aContinue reading “Not as good as I remember it”