Mine (Netflix) a short movie review (warning: spoilers)

Last night I was searching for an action/thriller movie to watch on Netflix and started watching a 2017 movie called Mine.

Just from watching the trailer you know this guy accidentally steps on a mine and for the rest of the film has to figure out how to survive until he can be rescued. To break it down simply there was the setup, the problem, and the solution. I loved the setup. The main character, Mike, and his fellow soldier Tommy are on a secret mission to kill this certain guy. Mike is a sniper who’s within range of killing this guy but for compassionate reasons decides to abort the mission, which Tommy disagreed with. The pair then have to retreat back to their base but then things go off the rails. All of this was pretty intense! I liked it.

Then we get to the mine and Mike can’t move or else he’ll set off the mine. I got bored quickly and fast-forwarded through most of this. He meets some people that walk by in the desert, survives a nasty sand storm, and even gets shot a couple times.

I picked back up near the end where the story wraps up. It had a sweet moment that I won’t give away, but I don’t know if sitting through the entire middle would have been worth it.

Overall I enjoyed the setup and the more thrilling scenes when he and Tommy were on the run. After that it kind of lost my interest. But I suppose if you like war movies and psychological dramas then you’ll enjoy this one.

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-Out of the Wilderness

Published by Ben Wilder

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