Cars that look like stars

I saw an El Camino recently and for a split second thought it was Kid Rock.

Then I had a revelation… there are quite a few celebrities that look like cars.

Adam Levine / Corvette

Hunter Hayes / Toyota Rav4


Lil Wayne / this car

Paris Hilton / Mazda RX-7

Vince Vaughn / Volkswagen van

Neil Patrick Harris / Alfa Romeo


Ed Sheeran / Pontiac Aztek


Charlie Puth / Mazda Miata

Lady Gaga / car wash


-Out of the Wilderness


Adam Levine’s haircut in “Locked Away”

The video for the hit song “Locked Away,” features haircuts, hugs, and happy endings. First up, Adam Levine has a shaved head, a look I haven’t seen before. haircut2 haircut5 haircut4 haircut3
Then there’s half of the duo R. City (short for Rock City), Timothy Thomas with designs in his haircut. haircut10 haircut12 haircut11
Moving right along to the hugs. Lots of those to go around… hug4 hug3 hug2 hug1
And the hugs are part of the happy endings, although not all are smiling about it. happy4 happy3 happy2 happy1
Take a look for yourself in the video of the chart-topping hit:

-Out of the Wilderness