Pet Peeves 2

A few more of my current pet peeves.

8. Olive Garden commercials.

9. Songs about songs (exceptions: Listen to the Music/Doobie Brothers, Party in the USA/Miley Cyrus). In the example below, Kid Rock is basically telling us not to listen to his song, but listen to “Sweet Home Alabama” or other rock and roll music.

10. The following buzzwords: bully, trending, and hun (as used in girl-to-girl conversations… “Hey, hun!” or “Thanks, hun!”)

Spongebob and Flats the bully

11. Furniture Warehouse commercials in Nashville, TN

12. Pens that don’t allow a smooth flow of ink. Being left-handed, I push the pen accross the page and need a smooth flow of ink.

13. Any statements that end with, “That is all.”

14. Unity candle in a wedding.
After the candle is lit, the audience has to wait three more minutes for the song to finish while staring awkwardly at the bride and groom who are whispering and giggling.


Obscure But Awesome: Doobie Brothers

Ok, maybe the music I define as obscure is only because I’ve never heard it before. I’m referring to music that never gets major airplay, you rarely hear these songs on soundtracks or greatest hits, and yet, they are gems! I discovered another one of these a few months ago when I bought the Doobie Brothers “Toulouse Street” record at a yard sale. Two songs after the gigantic hit “Listen To The Music” was a song that quickly became my favorite of theirs. It’s called “Mamaloi”… enjoy!

*all songs rights and copyrighted material are credited to the Doobie Brothers, not me, silly!