Obscure But Awesome: Doobie Brothers

Ok, maybe the music I define as obscure is only because I’ve never heard it before. I’m referring to music that never gets major airplay, you rarely hear these songs on soundtracks or greatest hits, and yet, they are gems! I discovered another one of these a few months ago when I bought the Doobie Brothers “Toulouse Street” record at a yard sale.¬†Two songs after the¬†gigantic hit “Listen To The Music” was a song that quickly became my favorite of theirs. It’s called “Mamaloi”… enjoy!

*all songs rights and copyrighted material are credited to the Doobie Brothers, not me, silly!

2 thoughts on “Obscure But Awesome: Doobie Brothers

  1. I found this record player at an estate sale and it’s been great!! I’ll also pick up random records at yard sales, estate sales, and antique stores. I’m really happy with the Doobie Brothers as of late. Thanks again for reading!!!

  2. I did not know any one else still had a turntable!…I also have Doobie Bros records. I think it is the best traveling music.

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