The Best American Idol “Up to the Mountain” Performances

In a recent episode of American Idol, Megan Danielle chose “Up to the Mountain” for her individual Hollywood audition. She has the voice of a singer three times her age and I love it. It’s like she smokes a pack of cigarettes before each performance, a quality hard to match. Here’s her performance and thenContinue reading “The Best American Idol “Up to the Mountain” Performances”

Favorite Christmas songs in 2022

Are you one that loves Christmas year round or do you save all the joy for the holiday season? Over the years, I’ve put together a Spotify playlist of my favorites but each Christmas a few songs stand out above the rest. So here are my favorites from the 2022 holidays. I love most ofContinue reading “Favorite Christmas songs in 2022”

Who’s the real Queen of Christmas?

The title “Queen of Christmas” has surfaced this holiday season in reference to Mariah Carey. Maybe I’m just old but every time I hear the phrase, my candy-cane striped knickers get in a bunch. I can’t get on board with Mariah wearing this crown! I know she’s a diva, she sings like few can… butContinue reading “Who’s the real Queen of Christmas?”

Least favorite Christmas songs of the 2021 holiday season

Yesterday I published a list of my favorite songs of the 2021 Christmas season so today I’m going to be Scrooge by posting my least favorite songs of this holiday season. Nothing against them, I just don’t like them. Bah humbug! Here are a few, not including the ones that I’ve never liked from decadesContinue reading “Least favorite Christmas songs of the 2021 holiday season”

Favorite Christmas songs of the 2021 holiday season

I guess the Christmas season has already kicked off – music on the radio and Walmart has had decorations up for weeks so now is as good a time as any to list my favorite Christmas songs of the year. This list does NOT include all my favorites, that list would be too long. TheseContinue reading “Favorite Christmas songs of the 2021 holiday season”