Free like birds

In church this morning there was a song with lyrics about freedom. It reminded me of the three “non-churchy” songs that always pop in my head, two of which are about birds and freedom. What can I say, I love birds. But surprisingly, not one of the songs is “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. GoContinue reading “Free like birds”

Favorite Christmas songs of the 2021 holiday season

I guess the Christmas season has already kicked off – music on the radio and Walmart has had decorations up for weeks so now is as good a time as any to list my favorite Christmas songs of the year. This list does NOT include all my favorites, that list would be too long. TheseContinue reading “Favorite Christmas songs of the 2021 holiday season”

Iko Iko – top 5 favorite performances of this song

One of my favorite songs is called “Iko Iko,” as made popular by The Dixie Cups in the 1960s. I’m sure you’ve heard it in various covers over the years, but to help narrow down your favorite version (you’re welcome :)), here are my top 5 favorite recordings of this song… #5 Cyndi Lauper –Continue reading “Iko Iko – top 5 favorite performances of this song”

Dude, what’s that song in the Dell commercial? Answers here!

Dell has continued to take time and effort on making memorable ads. Sometimes it’s from a catchphrase like, “Dude, you’re getting a Dell…” Whoa, is fist bumping really 20 years old? Methinks we need to move on from that. Anywho… other times Dell uses catchy music, like this ad I wrote about. Well, Dell isContinue reading “Dude, what’s that song in the Dell commercial? Answers here!”

Church is cancelled??

The coronavirus is now reaching the Heavenly realms! I guess this tiny little planet just wasn’t enough, was it, you little rascal? I found out the church I attend will not be having services to prevent large gatherings of people. I totally understand. Can you imagine if this happened during the NFL season? Would theyContinue reading “Church is cancelled??”