Visit California? This commercial says yes!

The state of California wants us to come visit unless, of course, you already live there. Then I guess they want you to stay. “Please, for the love of God, stay!” california California has more people leaving than any other state, so I’m not surprised this commercial keeps reappearing. Ironically, I saw the ad inContinue reading “Visit California? This commercial says yes!”

Music in TV show endings

I watched the season finale of “The Cleaning Lady” (season 2) on Hulu the other day. In a montage with the lead characters, a song played and immediately got my attention. This was as they were wrapping up the episode and naturally, setting up season 3. Here’s the song that played, “When the Party’s Over”Continue reading “Music in TV show endings”

Samsung Galaxy da Vinci Commercial – the Actor and the Music!

Samsung is pushing the new Galaxy Z Fold4 hard with a series of commercials. One of the latest features Leonardo da Vinci working on a piece of art. Take a look… The Music. If you haven’t already heard of Queen, you’re in for a real treat. The decades-old band has many, many hits appearing inContinue reading “Samsung Galaxy da Vinci Commercial – the Actor and the Music!”

Free like birds

In church this morning there was a song with lyrics about freedom. It reminded me of the three “non-churchy” songs that always pop in my head, two of which are about birds and freedom. What can I say, I love birds. But surprisingly, not one of the songs is “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. GoContinue reading “Free like birds”

When the Lead Singer Leaves a Band… A Pet Peeve

This has been a pet peeve of mine for many years. Why is it that when a lead singer leaves a band and a new one steps in to become the voice of the group, the band keeps the same name? I guess it might be a little weird that this bothers me so much.Continue reading “When the Lead Singer Leaves a Band… A Pet Peeve”