Amazon Prime Mustache Ad – The Music, the Actress, and More!

Hi there! My name is Ben and I post every day at 1pm central. I wouldn’t say I’m the king of blog posts but today’s post features royalty. It’s a song by Queen (get it!?) in the latest Amazon Prime commercial. Check it out then scroll down for more info… The Music. I hadn’t heardContinue reading “Amazon Prime Mustache Ad – The Music, the Actress, and More!”

Then and Now and Later

Writing is something I started doing simply as a hobby. It was a way to document what was going on in my life (I have journals dating back to 1997 as a freshman at Florida State University). It’s also a good way to release some emotion, whether it be happy posts like Mustache Friday, orContinue reading “Then and Now and Later”

The Best of 2010

Last year welcomed a new blog into the world. Since the birth of ‘Out of the Wilderness’ in April, the site has attracted 26,604 views. The postings on this site cover everything from dolphins to Nashville to mustaches, Boney M, music, the power of words, ghosts, personality types, the BP oil spill, online dating, andContinue reading “The Best of 2010”

Finders Keepers: An Insider View

You might wonder, as I often do, how people are discovering Out of the Wilderness. Well, I’ve listed a few of the most popular search terms that dump people here: chuck norris xs the driftwood guy wise guy technological pro resourceful is my characteristic thrifty’s pizza wood stove For those of you using these to findContinue reading “Finders Keepers: An Insider View”

Mustache Friday

Tom Selleck.   Hulk Hogan.   White Goodman.   Ben Wilder. What do these four men have in common? A fairly common case of Awesomeupper Lipness. For seven days I wore a mustache with as much commitment as I could muster. Consider it an experiment in social acceptance. Here are a few reactions I got from people: Nice ‘stache. Are you trying toContinue reading “Mustache Friday”