Amazon woman has a hairy upper lip – Hot or not?

Amazon Prime has channeled their inner Greek mythological warrior in a recent ad called “‘Tache.” If you’ve seen it, you’re very aware the whole commercial revolves around the hairy upper lip of a high school student. Not a dude, though. It’s a woman sporting a ‘stache and by the end of the ad, she hates it no more. In Greek mythology, the Amazon women were warriors sharing similar characteristics as men. In fact, the women-only society only let men for breeding purposes. Some viewers of the commercial think breeding purposes is the only way this mustached woman would ever be able to get a date.

I had no idea when I first posted about the commercial how vocal people would be. Some take the ad on surface level… a woman with a mustache should just shave it because it’s gross. Don’t normalize something that’s not normal, they’d say. She could spend a few dollars for a razor but instead spends hundreds on clothes and music to build a personality around the mustache.

On the flip side, some viewers extract a deeper meaning: Love who you are and who cares what anyone else thinks! This can be a noble quality as seen in the movie Teen Wolf, which is a lot like the commercial. In the film, a high school guy turns into a werewolf every time his temper flares. At first, no one knows what to think. Eventually he (and his town) embraces his canine characteristics and everything is great. In the end, this type of mindset can go one of two ways for the Amazon woman. She’ll either spiral out of control with no limits because she’s just being her “authentic self,” or she’ll genuinely appreciate the way she was made, full of confidence with grace for those who don’t approve.

Perhaps the best way to be is the secret third option (because there’s always a secret third option). It’s a combination of the two ideas above. Take care of yourself so you’re at your best and healthiest and at the same time, care a little less about what other people think.

You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.

David Foster Wallace

I do think it’s interesting that Amazon hired a beautiful woman, who doesn’t have a mustache in real life, to play the part of the quirky student. Did they have any discussions about having a real woman (not an actress) with a real mustache play the part? Certainly there is something attractive about natural beauty that businesses use to promote products. Sex sells, right? So Amazon is walking the tightrope here. A lot of beauty with just a dash of ‘stache.

-Out of the Wilderness


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2 thoughts on “Amazon woman has a hairy upper lip – Hot or not?

    1. Tasche or not she is gorgeous. I was brought up believing that women should not have hairy top lips. Nature doesn’t care about our human rules she knows way better than us small minded humans. And sorry but this 30YO high schooler is hotter than hell.


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