American Idol – Singers Disappoint and Audience Boos in Hawaii

HelloOoOoOo and thanks for dropping by for a general recap of part 2 of the 26-singer voting round. If you need to see who performed in part 1 (including my favorites Iam Tongi, Zachariah Smith, and Lucy Love) check out this post… American Idol – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly in Hawaii.

Well, not more than a day after I posted about wishing the judges would stop being so “nice,” Katy Perry got booed! She told Nutsa to use less glitter and the audience wasn’t having it. I’m kinda with Katy on this one (but not this one) because glitter is THE biggest nuisance. If you don’t believe me, spread some on the floor in your home and let me know in which decade you finally get it all out.

Pet peeves aside, Nutsa was in my top two this episode, an episode where the confusion surrounding the 26 singers was finally sorted out… and the surprise addition wasn’t Fire. But still, except for a few the singers were stale, or boring, or just not on the same level as contestants in the first episode of this round. My top choices were Michael Williams, who reminded me a lot of one of my favorite singers, Jon McLaughlin, and Nutsa, who was very entertaining in her performance. Using my foolproof criteria, here’s how I rated each contestant in this episode.

I’m crossing my fingers (and I texted my vote) for Megan Danielle who has an incredible voice much more fitting of a seasoned and chronic smoker (I mean that in a good way). Her voice was fantastic but her body language seemed rigid and uncomfortable on stage. If she just had a spoonful of Nutsa’s energy, she’d be golden.

The only other contestant standing out was Wé Ani. Stage presence, voice, overall vibe, really good. But in my humble opinion, everyone is fighting for 4th place behind Lucy Love, Iam, and Zachariah.

What do you think about the episode? Who are your favorites this season? Comment below!

-Out of the Wilderness


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