I can quit whenever I want…

I’m probably going to the movie theater to watch Cocaine Bear soon because it seems like getting the full theater experience might be worth it with this one. And speaking of addictions (because people– and bears??– can get addicted to cocaine, right?), another movie I watched recently is what sparked this post. There was aContinue reading “I can quit whenever I want…”

WhatsApp Commercial – The Music, the Birds, and More!

WhatsApp is a messenger service owned by Facebook, or Meta, or whatever they’re called today. To promote the privacy standards in the chat app, a commercial has been produced featuring a messenger pigeon and some unsuspecting customers. Take a look then scroll down for more info… The Music. The song used for this commercial wasContinue reading “WhatsApp Commercial – The Music, the Birds, and More!”

Facebook DeafHoops Group ad… the music and more!

Facebook has an ad out now pushing their Groups platform, a place where people of common interests can “meet” and share all the things. This new ad uses a group of deaf basketball players, take a look… The DeafHoops Facebook Group is private and has over two thousand members. If you’d like to join, clickContinue reading “Facebook DeafHoops Group ad… the music and more!”

That time I saw a snake

A few days ago I did an internet search for a snake as I was researching this Jeep commercial. Now, I don’t know if the internets are this advanced but not more than a day later I was walking at the dog park and saw this: I’ve heard stories of Alexa and other smart techContinue reading “That time I saw a snake”

Hilariously Bad Dating Profiles – part 2

If you missed part 1, check it out here and then let’s continue in the funny, cringe-worthy, embarrassing world of online dating! Cigs yes, kids no. This gentleman purposely matched with a woman who clearly lists that she wants kids and doesn’t smoke. Take a look at his side of these issues. Not to mentionContinue reading “Hilariously Bad Dating Profiles – part 2”