Google Pixel 6 Commercial – The Music, and the First Non-Racist Phone?

Hello and thanks for checking out my post today. If you’re interested in other popular TV commercials, click on my Popular TV Ads page to find out more about a lot of them. Today’s post is about Google, which put together a minute-long ad showing how their Pixel 6 phone isn’t racist has a niceContinue reading “Google Pixel 6 Commercial – The Music, and the First Non-Racist Phone?”

Google Chrome Commercial – The Actress and the Music

Google Chrome has a new ad about malware protection. It definitely caught my attention with its creative delivery. Take a look then scroll down for more info about the ad! The Music. Used as the soundtrack for this commercial is a song called “The Circus of Machines I” by Daniel Pemberton. Here’s the full track…Continue reading “Google Chrome Commercial – The Actress and the Music”

Amazon Prime Rapunzel ad – the music, the actress, and the $2,000 ladder!

**Note: Curious about Prime’s Napoleon commercial? Click here for the details** Amazon is promoting their Prime delivery service, boasting just one day to get what you want. Or in this case, what you NEED. Rapunzel isn’t waiting on a prince, she just needs a ladder.  The actress. The part of Rapunzel is played by JosephineContinue reading “Amazon Prime Rapunzel ad – the music, the actress, and the $2,000 ladder!”

That time I saw a snake

A few days ago I did an internet search for a snake as I was researching this Jeep commercial. Now, I don’t know if the internets are this advanced but not more than a day later I was walking at the dog park and saw this: I’ve heard stories of Alexa and other smart techContinue reading “That time I saw a snake”

Amazon sent me a FREE gift!

Has anyone else received a free Google Home Mini? Who doesn’t love free stuff, right!? But instead of wondering when I should open it, I’m wondering why? Why did they send me this? And a more chief concern, how much have they already eavesdropped THROUGH THE UNOPENED BOX?????? The joke would be on them, though,Continue reading “Amazon sent me a FREE gift!”