That time I was sucker punched in the face

Have you ever been walking down the hall of your college dorm, and someone you barely saw out of the corner of your eye sucker punches you?


All this fighting between the alt-left antifa and the alt-right white supremacists got me to thinking about the scuffles I’ve been in over the years. All one of them. Not including the wrestling between my brother and I where I clearly won every time (don’t verify this with him, please!), I was in one real fight in a dorm hallway on the campus of Florida State University. But I wasn’t in college just yet. I was on school grounds for a week-long baseball camp along with my brother and my cousin. We were probably, I don’t know, between 10 and 13 years old at the time. The three of us were bunked up together in one of the dorms and this is where the altercation happened.

There were a bunch of macho dudes in the hallway of this particular dorm (in other words, other kids that were attending the camp that week), and somehow a fight broke out. Maybe one kid said their girlfriend was prettier than Kelly Kapowski and got raging mad when someone said she looked more like Screech, who knows, right? tumblr_n4uketGwGz1rn2pfqo1_500

My cousin jumped in to help defend one of the guys and hey, he’s not going to go in alone, so I joined to help my cousin because, ya know, family.

Soon after I got involved, I felt a strong blow to my facial area and found out later this punk kid who was standing off to the side decided to punch me even though he wasn’t even part of what was going on. What a punk!

The next moments are a blur but I remember there was someone on the ground, and I was kicking him. But when word came that one of the coaches was on his way to the brawl, my brother and cousin grabbed me as everyone scrambled back to their rooms.

No one got in trouble as far as I know, and no one really spoke of it the rest of the week. I guess when you get a bunch of knucklehead teenagers together playing sports, and all that blossoming testosterone, something like that is bound to happen? I’m just glad no one found out because getting in trouble there is one thing, but then having to explain to your parents why you were kicked out of baseball camp is a whole different ball game.

PS. I also caught pink eye and peed in a dorm room trash can. What a week! Did I even play baseball that week, I don’t remember.

-Out of the Wilderness

She’s Not the Kind of Girl Who’s Single For Long

We all know the girls I’m talking about. More often than not, expressing that a girl can’t go very long without a boyfriend is a comment about the girl’s character or level of confidence, and it’s not a compliment. Usually the statement is used in a way that says, “This girl is so self-conscious that she needs a boyfriend to validate herself.” She’s an unhealthy version of “Justin Texterlake.” There is, however, another type of girl that doesn’t go long without a boyfriend.

I was a junior in college and it was football season in Tallahassee, Florida. Students were allotted a certain amount of tickets for each home game, and if you wanted to sit with a large group in the stadium, you had to camp out for those tickets. These campouts were extreme. There were xBox’s, Playstations, DVD players, lights, fans, televisions, barbecues, really the only thing that made it feel like camping were the tents.

doak campbell stadiumIt was during one of these campouts I started a relationship with this girl who had recently broken up with her boyfriend. She was cute, funny, thoughtful, spiritual, and single. We spent hours talking and I knew she wouldn’t be single for long for all the right reasons. She was the kind of girl good guys seek out. A healthy mix of “The Party” and “The Dark Horse.” In the days that followed the campout weekend, I was hopeful to continue building what started with this girl and the truth is, she wasn’t single for long.

UPDATE: I found out recently (say, summer 2015 that she had a crush on me! Click here for my reaction)

Feel free to share your opinion of these two types of girls. They’re both not single for long, but for such opposite reasons. I’m also curious if guys are thought of in this same way? Women readers, I’d love to hear some feedback because, as a guy, I will never be able to get into the mindset of what girls think, or how they view guys in the context of dating. (Part 2 of this story is here!)

-Out of the Wilderness

Hiding in Plain Sight

Practically hiding in plain sight, I approached to discover it was exactly what I was hoping for. It’s something that millions of people have, yet they’re extremely valuable. So valuable in fact, that you could be jailed for having a fake. I found it in my neighbor’s yard one evening.

My friend Millie and I made it down to Franklin, Tennessee to watch ESPN3 for the first football game of my alma mater, Florida State University. Quickly turning into a route in Tallahassee, she and I decided to take advantage of an available pool table. She’s no good, so it’s possible to know how good I am by how many times she beat me. After an hour of big time trash talk and small time skills, we gathered our things to leave. I returned the set of pool balls and we headed north. It wasn’t till a few days later that I realized I didn’t have my driver’s license! Didn’t take too long to retrace my steps and remember I left it at the bar when we rented the balls. Darn. Now I gotta go back to Franklin? I called to first make sure they had it, then ask if they could mail it to me. And this is why I don’t trust the Post Office. A week later I ordered a replacement license. A few days later it arrived. Walking from the mailbox into the house to find my wallet, inserting the new license, setting my wallet on the table then going in the kitchen to heat up a nice celebratory dinner is what I wanted to do. But somewhere after turning from the mailbox it all gets fuzzy. Fast forward a few days and now it’s definitely time to put the new license in my wallet. No joking around, it’s time. Only thing is, I can’t find the envelop with the license and I have to leave for work in 20 minutes. I scan all the normal places; on the kitchen counter, around my room, in the refrigerator. Nothing. I even skipped a shower (sorry, people I work with). So the action plan was to come home after work and engage Operation Under Where. You just thought about underwear, didn’t you? I was absolutely sure the envelop was somewhere close, but being gone all day, I knew before exploring all the nooks and crannies of my house, I wanted to take the dogs for a long walk. But then, it was going to be on! And I mean on like finding Bin Laden on, not like oh, look, Boy Meets World is on.

We were having a pretty good walk, the dogs and I. As we got closer to home, I began thinking about where I’d look for the license first, but then I became curious about a white envelope in my neighbor’s yard.

I have my license after 5 days of being run-over… over and over and over.

Why I Like Tim Tebow and the Little Drummer Boy

Tebow after whipping Florida State in 2009

Tim Tebow is not someone I should like. Before he was the poster-boy for media scrutiny, before he donned a Denver Broncos jersey as their quarterback, before he and his mom appeared in a Super Bowl commercial, he was a Florida Gator. And where I come from, it’s great to be a Gator hater. I’ll even avoid picking up NFL players who went to Florida (or University of Miami for that matter) on my fantasy football team.

Just like country singer Blake Shelton, I listen to Christmas music year-round so a few days ago “Little Drummer Boy” queued up in my iTunes. The song lyrics are about a young boy approaching the baby Jesus. He doesn’t have any gifts to bring him, the newborn King. So what he gives is the only thing he has: the ability to play drums.

“Shall I play for you, pa rum pum pum pum,
on my drum?”

The story goes on with Mary approving his request so the drummer boy played his best for Jesus. At the end of the day, isn’t that all Tim Tebow is doing? He puts on his pads. He laces up his shoes. Then he goes out and plays his best for Jesus. I can support a guy like that, Gator or not.

Then He smiled at me, me and my drum.

Then and Now and Later

Writing is something I started doing simply as a hobby. It was a way to document what was going on in my life (I have journals dating back to 1997 as a freshman at Florida State University). It’s also a good way to release some emotion, whether it be happy posts like Mustache Friday, or more thoughtful posts like Learn Slow But Steadfast and Where Are All The Men. And yes, the occasional feisty post, Pet Peeves. But I am excited to reach 40,000 views! And along with that milestone, I also just published my 100th post. Thank you for reading. Like I said, it’s a hobby and I truly enjoy it. To have people read, comment and like what I write, it means a whole lot. To celebrate, I’d like to toss a few ideas out there and write about the idea that gets the most feedback. Please respond and with the majority support, it shall be done!

Here are the choices:

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