The cancellation of Dr. Seuss

The funniest thing happened the other day with one of my posts. In January I wrote a satirical blog called “Joe Biden Replaces White House Physician with Dr. Seuss” (which is super funny and you should read it 🙂 ). This post had some traction with readers but then just a few days ago theContinue reading “The cancellation of Dr. Seuss”

That time I was sucker punched in the face

Have you ever been walking down the hall of your college dorm, and someone you barely saw out of the corner of your eye sucker punches you? All this fighting between the alt-left antifa and the alt-right white supremacists got me to thinking about the scuffles I’ve been in over the years. All one ofContinue reading “That time I was sucker punched in the face”

Ben Wilder vs. Nick Shell: A Facebook Battle of Backhanded Compliments and Popular Recipes

Ok, forget about the recipes. If you know me, you know I don’t cook, and if you know Nick, sorry. This is a Facebook wall-to-wall conversation with Nick Shell of Scenic Route Snapshots. For chronological order, start at the bottom and read upwards. PS. it’s all in good fun, and proof that even though we areContinue reading “Ben Wilder vs. Nick Shell: A Facebook Battle of Backhanded Compliments and Popular Recipes”

Volume 1: Sharing A House With Dog.

This morning I woke up to a dog staring at me. Or maybe I woke up because a dog was staring at me, and happily whimpering. My first thought was, “What?” but not a “How can I help you?” what. It was a “Is this really happening?” what. I quickly concluded that I must’ve accidentlyContinue reading “Volume 1: Sharing A House With Dog.”

Personalities: The Weird Guy

Girls are uncomfortable around him because he’s either asked three or more of them out on a date, or one of them more than three times. That or he uses his eyes when he should be using his words, ie. he’s staring. The reason I labeled this “The Weird Guy” is because in my conversationsContinue reading “Personalities: The Weird Guy”