This link between Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills 90210 blew my mind!

If you follow my blog, then it’s no secret I’ve been watching Perfect Strangers lately. Yes, the show from the late 80s/early 90s. Here’s a post about how it’s been going as I watch as an adult for the first time. This show, as you may remember, was part of a memorable line-up of FridayContinue reading “This link between Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills 90210 blew my mind!”

Happy Birthday, Dear Michelle

On behalf of Out of the Wilderness and Full House fans everywhere, happy birthday to Michelle Elizabeth Tanner! Ok, really it’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s birthday today, but Michelle is the one we can thank for the popular phrase, “You got it dude!” which is so popular, it’s been translated it into 2 other languages (by me,Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Dear Michelle”

You’re Not Fully Clean Unless You’re Zestfully Clean

My water bill was $19 last month. That’s high in my world because my dogs are the only ones who drink water (regularly) and I’m the only one who showers in it (semi-regularly). So for whatever reason I woke up this morning singing the Zest soap jingle. It reminds me of something Joey and Uncle JesseContinue reading “You’re Not Fully Clean Unless You’re Zestfully Clean”

Please Tell Me This Is Normal.

Do you ever have random songs pop into your head? I’m not talking about the one you just heard on the radio, or even the one you heard last week. Like a few minutes ago, I started singing “Forever” as performed by Uncle Jesse on Full House. Sure it’s a touching song and all that, butContinue reading “Please Tell Me This Is Normal.”

What Ever Happened To Predictability?

Yes, that’s a line from the Full House theme song. Sometimes I wonder if a show like that could ever be successful if it debuted now, instead of the 90s. Of course, the answer is ‘no.’ So here’s another question… are the popular shows a reflection of society or is society a reflection of popularContinue reading “What Ever Happened To Predictability?”