This link between Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills 90210 blew my mind!

If you follow my blog, then it’s no secret I’ve been watching Perfect Strangers lately. Yes, the show from the late 80s/early 90s. Here’s a post about how it’s been going as I watch as an adult for the first time. This show, as you may remember, was part of a memorable line-up of Friday night sitcoms designed for kids, a block of scheduling called TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Friday). The original lineup included Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers, and Just the Ten of Us. Of course, it went on to include my favorite show of all time… Boy Meets World

But the point of this post… at the very center is an actor named Ernie Sabella.

photo from, Mr. Sabella as boss on Saved by the Bell

He played the boss man at Larry and Balki’s work in season 1 of Perfect Strangers. Well, right away I remembered him for playing the boss on another popular show around the same time: Mr. Carosi, the boss at Malibu Sands Beach Club in season 3 of Saved by the Bell. Yes, the same guy Zack Morris was always at odds with… and Zack also dated his daughter! I mentioned this to a clever and like-minded friend who then pointed out the location of the Malibu Sands Beach Club is the very same location used in the original Beverly Hills 90210. Both Brandon and Dylan worked at the Beverly Hills Beach Club, different name than what was used on SBTB but the same exact set!


My friend gets major kudos for making this connection. 

Well, we also shouldn’t forget the connection I actually kind of sort of forgot about… Tiffany Amber Theissen played Kelly Kapowski on SBTB and then Valerie on 90210. I guess they knew she was a teen heart throb so another role on a popular teen show just made sense. To bring this full circle, T-Theiss is also linked to Perfect Strangers in another rather roundabout way… she appeared on an episode of Step by Step… a show featured in the Friday comedy block TGIF (although not one of the original TGIF shows). 

Was Hollywood just a small town back then, or did Miller-Boyett become the GOAT for sitcom TV shows before calling anything “the GOAT” was a thing?

Anywho, thanks for going down the rabbit hole with me on this one 🙂

-Out of the Wilderness 

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3 thoughts on “This link between Saved by the Bell and Beverly Hills 90210 blew my mind!

  1. I do have to correct you on this post. Dylan never worked at the Beverly Beach club. Brandon and Andrea did. I am not one to call anyone out on anything but when it comes to my Dylan I have to! LOL But yes I too realised it is the same beach club! Which I love!


    1. I had to research further. Apparently, Dylan WOULD be caught there, as he was a member (or his parents were members?), but not an employee. Brandon and Brenda (I think?) worked there, along with Andrea. Thanks Heather!! WordPress won’t let me revise the post because their layout has changed since I posted it, so hopefully those that also notice the mistake will also find your comment! 🙂


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