You’re Not Fully Clean Unless You’re Zestfully Clean

My water bill was $19 last month. That’s high in my world because my dogs are the only ones who drink water (regularly) and I’m the only one who showers in it (semi-regularly). So for whatever reason I woke up this morning singing the Zest soap jingle. It reminds me of something Joey and Uncle Jesse would come up with in the episodes where they were advertising partners. The jingle also reminded me I need to buy soap today. And I’ll use it the next time I take a shower… in a few weeks. 

Cut. It. Out of the Wilderness.



3 thoughts on “You’re Not Fully Clean Unless You’re Zestfully Clean

  1. Well, if you have Metro Water Services, your water, sewer, and stormwater is all on one bill and assuming you are a residential customer at 5/8” meter size and fall into the 400-2,000 SF range, your base bill would be about $12.25 and the rest would be gallonage…Some utilities have a rate structure that once you hit a certain gallonage, all your gallons are billed at a higher rate. For example, for the first, say, 1,000 gallons you are billed at $2 per 1,000 gallons, but at 1,001 gallons you are charged $3 per 1,000 gallons. Then, say your gallonage was 1,100 one month…they would charge you $3 for all 1,100 gallons and your bill would seem way higher if you were typically under the 1,000 gallons. I’d say MOST utilities, however, are on an inclining block rate structure where you are charged in increasing tiers. So, in the example above, you’d pay $2 for the first 1,000 gallons, then $3 for that last 100. Moral of the story: check your gallonage structure to see how you are charged, and if its not like the example, then maybe you have a leak…or maybe you just flushed your toilet way too many times this month 😉

    Ps: Sorry…this weirdo works for a Public Service Commission

  2. BTW theres nothing stalkerish about knowing what Utility service you have…they are natural theres probably only one in Nashville

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