Cee-Lo Green, Kickball, and Other Thoughts

If Cee-Lo was on the Periodic Table of Elements, he would be this:

Having dogs is just like being a parent, but nothing like having kids.

I make a point to not warn others when a cop with a radar gun is in the median.

I want to learn how to straigten out a curved broom.

My friend is extremely worried that he’s paranoid.

The song “How Bizarre” reminds me of Leon High School, class of ’97.

So does “The Distance”… remember that one? He’s going the distance, he’s going for speed? Good stuff.

My beagle’s Indian name is “Little Big Ear.” She’s a petite beagle with large ears.

My other dog’s Indian name is “Blue Eyes Rising.” She has icy blue eyes. She jumps.

Actually those are their Native American names.

I love technology but I’m always behind the curve. Yes, that means I still have a VCR.

How ’bout having thumbs, huh? That’s awesome.

I played kickball the other day. Haven’t played organized kickball since school. My hip joint hurts.

Country music: the retirement home of artists in the music industry.

Is Italian food in Italy just called… food?

This is one of my favorite performances by anybody, ever. (begins at the 7:22 mark)


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