All the places I’ve lived, and a favorite memory from each

My dad was in the Coast Guard, so that meant a lot of moving around. Before I was born, my family had already been up and down the east coast, and spent some time on the west coast, too. My oldest sister was born in Key West, next oldest sister was born in Monterey, CA andContinue reading “All the places I’ve lived, and a favorite memory from each”

The year 1997: putting the O in pOpular

The year was 1997. I was a pale, skinny, timid high schooler walking the halls as a senior at Leon High School in Tallahassee, Florida. This city was different than what I was used to. Students drove big trucks with big Mickey Thompson tires. In Miami, where I spent most of high school, the smaller theContinue reading “The year 1997: putting the O in pOpular”

The Case of the Missing Retainer

I was a junior in high school living in New York City. We had just moved there from Miami, Florida, where we had been for 3 years. Our stay in New York wasn’t for long, only 6 months because my dad retired from the Coast Guard. We couldn’t continue living on the military base (Governor’sContinue reading “The Case of the Missing Retainer”

Cee-Lo Green, Kickball, and Other Thoughts

If Cee-Lo was on the Periodic Table of Elements, he would be this: Having dogs is just like being a parent, but nothing like having kids. I make a point to not warn others when a cop with a radar gun is in the median. I want to learn how to straigten out a curved broom.Continue reading “Cee-Lo Green, Kickball, and Other Thoughts”