Cee-Lo Green, Kickball, and Other Thoughts

If Cee-Lo was on the Periodic Table of Elements, he would be this: Having dogs is just like being a parent, but nothing like having kids. I make a point to not warn others when a cop with a radar gun is in the median. I want to learn how to straigten out a curved broom.Continue reading “Cee-Lo Green, Kickball, and Other Thoughts”

Relationships As Found In Music

Relationships. All of us have been through up’s and down’s, I’m sure. Do you relate to any of these songs? I”ve been here…   And I’ve also been here…   Of course, I’m often here…   Bitterness has brought me here…   And here…   I’ve also been here…   And here…   Most of the time,Continue reading “Relationships As Found In Music”