From Cyndi Lauper to Florida Georgia Line

cyndilauperI’m proud of my taste in music. As a child, thanks to my parents and a record player, I developed a love for the Beach Boys. Later, I developed my first crush and it wasn’t just for her wild style… Cyndi Lauper. In middle school, I began to appreciate adult contemporary music like Bryan Adams and that song “The King of Wishful Thinking” by New Found Glory. And of course there was Vanilla Ice. High school was all about the rap music. Maybe because I lived in Miami or because it was popular everywhere, I don’t know, but I loved Bone Thugs ‘N Harmony, Coolio, Uncle Al, Easy E, Wreckx-n-Effect, 95 South, 69 Boyz, and a few others.

In college, I discovered a liking for U2, Caedmon’s Call, all the while calling DC Talk my favorite band of all time. As a young adult living in Nashville, I gained a passion for the singer/songwriter artists out there like Amos Lee and Brett Dennen.

Country music started as a roller coaster. I’d love it for a while, and hate it for a while. But still, I can like everything from Sammy Kershaw’s “Vidalia” to Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise.”

The artists that are rising to the top of my all time favorites list now are Muse, Jack White, Green Day, Zac Brown Band, and OneRepublic. Thanks for reading!

Relationships As Found In Music

Relationships. All of us have been through up’s and down’s, I’m sure. Do you relate to any of these songs?

I”ve been here…


And I’ve also been here…

Of course, I’m often here…


Bitterness has brought me here…


And here…


I’ve also been here…


And here…


Most of the time, I end up here…


And here…


And I hope to, one day, be here…




And here…


Anyway, have a great weekend!

The Best Love Song: Reason #21

On a random day in December 2011, I took a glance at the top 20 songs on iTunes. The list is below, and using this title search, it proves that loves songs ain’t love songs no more. And that’s why Bryan Adams 90s classic “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)” is the best love song of all time. To prove the worth of reason #21, I’ve put an asterick next to the songs that might be about real love. How do you feel about these songs? Are they a good representation of the values Americans have in the 21st century?

1. We Are Young
*2. We Found Love
3. Sexy and I Know It
4. It Will Rain
5. Good Feeling
6. The One That Got Away
7. Survivor/I Will Survive
8. Red Solo Cup
9. Ni**as in Paris
10. 5 O’Clock
11. Someone Like You
12. Moves Like Jagger
13. Man in the Mirror
14. We Are Young
*15. Without You
16. Young, Wild and Free
17. Party Rock Anthem
18. The Motto
19. Mistletoe
20. Bang Bang Pow Pow

Reason #21: “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)” is better than any of the top 20 songs on iTunes in December 2011.

The Best Love Song: Reasons #6 and #7

I was in my car the other day and my iPod shuffled to “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You,” a song that, if you’re over the age of 30, will undoubtedly remind you of Robin Hood. And no, not the Russell Crowe movie from 2010. Nineteen years earlier Sherwood Forest was host to Bryan Adams performing the best love song of all time.

Type in “the best love song of all time” in the Yahoo! search tool bar and you’ll get a wide spectrum of results*, everything from “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton to “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers to “Best Love Song” by T-Pain. No doubt two of those are amazing and one has a clever song title. And I can assure you T-Pain’s stab at creating a timeless classic falls t-painfully short. See what I did there?
“(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” has at least 27 elements that make it the best love song of all time.
Reason #6: the lyrics. Can you put together an argument that these lyrics are not the most romantic? “My eyes… search you. Tell me… you know it’s true. Look… there… take… it all. I… want… everything. There’s… love… and… there’s… time. You can’t… help. I can’t… die.”

No further explanation needed.

Reason #7: the guitar riffs in this song are dripping with emotion. Check out the music video below, when it gets to 2:27 exactly, you’ll hear a subtle rarrt rarrt. Sorta like a rerhh rhrr but with a dash of ert ert. Emotional stuff.
So in conclusion, Bryan Adams and his band, along with his buddies Robin of Locksley, Maid Marian of Dubois, Azeem, Will Scarlet and the Sheriff of Nottingham have clearly raised the bar so high, no song will ever surpass it as the greatest love song of all time, especially because of reasons #6 and #7.

*Type in the worst love song of all time and I hope you’ll find “I’m Too Sexy”… let’s try it… standby… yep!