If Break-ups are a Black Cloud, Music is the Silver Lining

If you know me at all, you know I really, really love music. The songs that seem to stick with me and have a lasting impression offer something more than a nice melody. It’s about the lyrics, but it’s also about the whole presentation. But mostly, it’s the lyrics. Two bands at the top of my list have been there for a while, it’s Muse and Zac Brown Band. Couldn’t be more different in their styles, but it’s the words that stop me in my tracks; they write songs I wish I wrote. If breakups are a black cloud, songs like these are the silver lining. Here’s “Goodbye In Her Eyes” from Zac Brown Band and “Madness” from Muse. Be sure to check out the Misa Digital Kitara, which is the instrument making the synth sound in Muse’s video. It’s kinda awesome.


Late Night Cable (Goodbye)

He said goodbye without saying it exactly.
But that’s definitely what she heard.
It was all in the way he acted.
Blaming as if the fault was hers.

Having control must be such a high.
That’s all she can figure.
So instead of trying last night
she wrote on one of her favorite pictures.

She bought some time on late night cable
And for thirty minutes straight
Was the picture of him sitting at a table
With the words “Goodbye cheater! Good luck getting a date.”

She said goodbye, she said it exactly.
And that’s definitely what he heard.
It’s all in the way she acted.
Laughing as if the fault was hers.

He Who Does Not Know

You think you’ve missed out.
Looking back as if you made the grandest of mistakes
when you were sure without a doubt
that what you needed was a break.

A good chance for love,
perhaps the only one you’ve got.
You were sure it wasn’t enough,
the diamond you called a rock.

What you’ve learned from then to now,
is that what’s got you down?
Or is that you don’t know how
you can live in the same town?

You tell me everything you see
from the sky to the street
reminds you of her beauty
and no one can compete.

Many people have left looking for more
only to find more of the same.
It will get better, I’ve been there before.
Soon you won’t have to play the game anymore.

There’s much more you deserve
a better and more fitting match.
Especially if the only thing you liked about her
is that she liked you back.

So sure, what you miss right now
was a chance at something good.
But it’s not over, not even close.
Your dream will come true, like we hoped it would.

Hold on a little longer, just a little longer.
She’s waiting in the wings.

How ‘Bout Now

I want to ride down the highway
barely aware of what’s around us.
So caught up in each other
we may run out of gas,
but isn’t it a blast
to hold hands because we trust
that what we have will last?

I want to wake up in the morning
still smiling from the night before.
When we were shopping at Old Navy.
An unexpected twist,
thank God we didn’t miss
the Thursday in that store.

Tell me have you gave up drinkin’?
because I’ve stopped overthinkin’.
We can work it out.
What’s between the dream and reality
is a ‘yes’.
Well, baby, how ’bout now?

I want to wake up in the morning,
barely aware of what’s around us.
Well, baby, how ’bout now?

The Best Love Song: Reasons #6 and #7

I was in my car the other day and my iPod shuffled to “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You,” a song that, if you’re over the age of 30, will undoubtedly remind you of Robin Hood. And no, not the Russell Crowe movie from 2010. Nineteen years earlier Sherwood Forest was host to Bryan Adams performing the best love song of all time.

Type in “the best love song of all time” in the Yahoo! search tool bar and you’ll get a wide spectrum of results*, everything from “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton to “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers to “Best Love Song” by T-Pain. No doubt two of those are amazing and one has a clever song title. And I can assure you T-Pain’s stab at creating a timeless classic falls t-painfully short. See what I did there?
“(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” has at least 27 elements that make it the best love song of all time.
Reason #6: the lyrics. Can you put together an argument that these lyrics are not the most romantic? “My eyes… search you. Tell me… you know it’s true. Look… there… take… it all. I… want… everything. There’s… love… and… there’s… time. You can’t… help. I can’t… die.”

No further explanation needed.

Reason #7: the guitar riffs in this song are dripping with emotion. Check out the music video below, when it gets to 2:27 exactly, you’ll hear a subtle rarrt rarrt. Sorta like a rerhh rhrr but with a dash of ert ert. Emotional stuff.
So in conclusion, Bryan Adams and his band, along with his buddies Robin of Locksley, Maid Marian of Dubois, Azeem, Will Scarlet and the Sheriff of Nottingham have clearly raised the bar so high, no song will ever surpass it as the greatest love song of all time, especially because of reasons #6 and #7.

*Type in the worst love song of all time and I hope you’ll find “I’m Too Sexy”… let’s try it… standby… yep!


She. She. She.
She turned his world upside down.
Walking around
Thinking about the best thing he ever found.
His life the glass, her life the rock.
Shattered faster than a plastic lock.
To an ocean dock,
She tied him up and began to heal
more than the idea, it was his heart, his ability to feel.
She was a steal.
He was willing to be a part of the deal
That kept her around day and night.

She. She.She.
She gave him a new definition of good.
The hand he held, it was good.
The smile he saw, it was good.
The plans they made, they were good.
He could and she could became they would.
She changed him for good.

She. She. She.
Different than the ones before.
A friend and so much more.
So pretty and barely knew it.
With an attitude and the ability to prove it.
An international improvement.
His heart beat faster at her slightest movement.
She fills him up like a breakfast bowl.
A peace to the restless soul.

He loved himself the most,
He’d often toast the single life.
It was nice being free,
But he’d agree
Freedom’s not nearly as pretty as she.

We Almost Dated: My History with Miranda Lambert

You caught my eye from across the room.
I’m almost sure you saw me, too.

Time was frozen as I gazed your way.
“Who’s that fine-looking man?” I’m almost sure I heard you say.

Apparently you started singing
But I’m almost sure I heard wedding bells ringing.

My heart increased in rate
Looking forward to our first date,
Which would happen
When people stopped clappin’.

You must’ve sang well.
I’m almost sure I had you under my spell.

I started to make my move, like a Speedo in a pool.
And I would’ve talked to you if it hadn’t been for Buddy Jewel!

You should have won Nashville Star, the others were overrated.
I’m almost sure we would’ve dated,
But we remained seperated.
Our dreamy future faded,
Like the jump shot Dwayne Wade did.

That was in game 4 against the Bulls.

Anyway, I don’t have a picture because I forgot my camera.
But that was the night I almost dated Miranda Lambert.