“I’m Gonna Do That” – a middle of the night poem

I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and have these random lyrics in my mind. I happened to record this one. I think it’s a country song, especially because the hugging dogs thing.

I’m gonna trust my life to the God of the Bible.

I’m gonna love my wife every day that I’m breathing.

Gonna lend my money to those that need it.

I’m gonna do that, do that.

I’m gonna eat more veggies and maybe some tofu.

I’m gonna pay all the money back that I owe you.

Gonna hug my dogs a little bit longer.

I’m gonna do that, do that.

‘Cause life is short and life is sweet

and every day that goes by, I just believe

that we’d all be happy if we just get along.

So take your time and savor the moment.

Don’t shrink back but keep on growing.

All the cliches that you’ve ever heard,

are kinda sorta true which is what you preferred.

So live your life like you were dying

and there’s no such thing as racial profiling.

If you’re tired of your story, turn some pages.

Live your life outside of Lexus cages. 

Let’s do that, do that.

*Please note, 4 of the last 5 lines include nods to some of my favorite songs… Tim McGraw “Live Like You Were Dying,” Bone Thugs “Riding Dirty,” REO Speedwagon “Roll With the Changes,” and Switchfoot “Gone”

-Out of the Wilderness

Peanut butter, you’re the peanut butter to my jelly. A poem.

Peanut butter!

Where is my peanut butter?

There it is, there’s my peanut butter.

Where is it now?

Over there?


Over here?

No. Under there!

Under where?

It’s over by the candle.

All the goodness I can handle.

I put it on my sandwich.

I put it on bananas.

I’ll eat it in Ohio…

…and in Alabama.

Oh no! Where’d it go?

Peanut butter, peanut butter.

Where are you?

I want to be your friend…

…and take you to the store.

You can be the DJ…

…once I buckle you in.

Even when you’re crunchy…

…you’re awfully smooth.

Join me for breakfast, lunch, dinner…

…there are no rules.

When we’re together, I’m in a good mood.

Peanut butter, peanut butter…

…I love you.

-Out of the Wilderness

Tax time: A poem.

April is coming, that’s tax time.
So I recently sat down to finish mine.

Sure, I’ll give “the man” what’s due.
We all should, including you.

My computer fired up, my spirits spiraled down.
“I owe how much?” I asked with a frown!

Sad trombone is what I think I heard.
Why do they want so much of what I earned?

To fix the roads. To fix healthcare.
OK, OK, you got me there.

I filled out the lines, line after line,
Then I felt a tickle, and not the good kind.

I began to sweat and feel hot.
I knew right away what it was and was not.

It wasn’t nerves, nor temperature or gas.
Ol’ man winter was here to kick my …butt.

I haven’t had a cold in many moons
But now I guess my time was due.

Day one seemed to last forever
with a throat like new sandpaper.

Day two was a lot like day one
but add in a fever, lots of fun!

Today is day three, a cough and some sniffles.
That tickle never lead to any giggles.

Yet it’s funny that taxes made me sick.
“Wait,” you say, “not so quick!”

I know, I know, I probably shouldn’t blame taxes
But that’s the story I’ll be telling to the masses.

-Out of the Wilderness

PS. I actually do have some gas.

Late Night Cable (Goodbye)

He said goodbye without saying it exactly.
But that’s definitely what she heard.
It was all in the way he acted.
Blaming as if the fault was hers.

Having control must be such a high.
That’s all she can figure.
So instead of trying last night
she wrote on one of her favorite pictures.

She bought some time on late night cable
And for thirty minutes straight
Was the picture of him sitting at a table
With the words “Goodbye cheater! Good luck getting a date.”

She said goodbye, she said it exactly.
And that’s definitely what he heard.
It’s all in the way she acted.
Laughing as if the fault was hers.

How ‘Bout Now

I want to ride down the highway
barely aware of what’s around us.
So caught up in each other
we may run out of gas,
but isn’t it a blast
to hold hands because we trust
that what we have will last?

I want to wake up in the morning
still smiling from the night before.
When we were shopping at Old Navy.
An unexpected twist,
thank God we didn’t miss
the Thursday in that store.

Tell me have you gave up drinkin’?
because I’ve stopped overthinkin’.
We can work it out.
What’s between the dream and reality
is a ‘yes’.
Well, baby, how ’bout now?

I want to wake up in the morning,
barely aware of what’s around us.
Well, baby, how ’bout now?