“I’m Gonna Do That” – a middle of the night poem

I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and have these random lyrics in my mind. I happened to record this one. I think it’s a country song, especially because the hugging dogs thing. I’m gonna trust my life to the God of the Bible. I’m gonna love my wife every day thatContinue reading ““I’m Gonna Do That” – a middle of the night poem”

Peanut butter, you’re the peanut butter to my jelly. A poem.

Peanut butter! Where is my peanut butter? There it is, there’s my peanut butter. Where is it now? Over there? No. Over here? No. Under there! Under where? It’s over by the candle. All the goodness I can handle. I put it on my sandwich. I put it on bananas. I’ll eat it in Ohio…Continue reading “Peanut butter, you’re the peanut butter to my jelly. A poem.”

Tax time: A poem.

April is coming, that’s tax time. So I recently sat down to finish mine. Sure, I’ll give “the man” what’s due. We all should, including you. My computer fired up, my spirits spiraled down. “I owe how much?” I asked with a frown! Sad trombone is what I think I heard. Why do they want so muchContinue reading “Tax time: A poem.”

Late Night Cable (Goodbye)

He said goodbye without saying it exactly. But that’s definitely what she heard. It was all in the way he acted. Blaming as if the fault was hers. Having control must be such a high. That’s all she can figure. So instead of trying last night she wrote on one of her favorite pictures. SheContinue reading “Late Night Cable (Goodbye)”

He Who Does Not Know

You think you’ve missed out. Looking back as if you made the grandest of mistakes when you were sure without a doubt that what you needed was a break. A good chance for love, perhaps the only one you’ve got. You were sure it wasn’t enough, the diamond you called a rock. What you’ve learnedContinue reading “He Who Does Not Know”