He Who Does Not Know

You think you’ve missed out.
Looking back as if you made the grandest of mistakes
when you were sure without a doubt
that what you needed was a break.

A good chance for love,
perhaps the only one you’ve got.
You were sure it wasn’t enough,
the diamond you called a rock.

What you’ve learned from then to now,
is that what’s got you down?
Or is that you don’t know how
you can live in the same town?

You tell me everything you see
from the sky to the street
reminds you of her beauty
and no one can compete.

Many people have left looking for more
only to find more of the same.
It will get better, I’ve been there before.
Soon you won’t have to play the game anymore.

There’s much more you deserve
a better and more fitting match.
Especially if the only thing you liked about her
is that she liked you back.

So sure, what you miss right now
was a chance at something good.
But it’s not over, not even close.
Your dream will come true, like we hoped it would.

Hold on a little longer, just a little longer.
She’s waiting in the wings.

A Love Story: Part Four

As I slid the folded paper back into my pocket, the pastor asked for her vows. Her sister, standing nearby reached out with the handwritten vows, passed them to her, and she read.

I can’t remember the first time I saw you. Some people have a clear memory of the first time they met the one they love, but not me. I’d like to think it’s because in some way, somehow, you were with me all along. In second grade when my mom dressed me up like a bride. Junior high, when boys were scared to ask me to dance, did they know I was destined for a better guy than they were going to be, so they didn’t even try? The moments I had in high school with my dad consistently proving to me what a man is, and who a man is. Teaching me to be patient. Teaching me to respect and to fight for love. All of it was for you and without my dad’s wisdom, I may not have recognized you. But I know you. You are a good man. I can see where God is shaping you not to be just any husband, but my husband. And that’s why I am so confident in our relationship. God will be our foundation, our rock, our shelter, and our source of strength no matter what good things, bad things, sad things, great things, memorable or forgettable things we encounter from here on. And second to the Lord, I will count on you to be my strength. To be my shield. You’ve proven to me your love, and don’t need to prove it anymore because I’ll see your love every day in the way you live. When you love my family, you love me. When you love children, you love me. When you choose me over yourself, that’s when I’ll know love. The proof of our love is this day. These rings. The ceremony and the vows we’re taking in front of God. In front of my family, yours, and our friends, I give you my undying faith, my love, and my life. You have the best of me and it needs to be proclaimed, I am yours. From the moment I walked in here, no, from the moment I was born, I was made for you. I just wish you would’ve found me sooner, because then I could have loved you longer. But for the rest of our life together, I look forward to loving you well.

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