If Break-ups are a Black Cloud, Music is the Silver Lining

If you know me at all, you know I really, really love music. The songs that seem to stick with me and have a lasting impression offer something more than a nice melody. It’s about the lyrics, but it’s also about the whole presentation. But mostly, it’s the lyrics. Two bands at the top of my list have been there for a while, it’s Muse and Zac Brown Band. Couldn’t be more different in their styles, but it’s the words that stop me in my tracks; they write songs I wish I wrote. If breakups are a black cloud, songs like these are the silver lining. Here’s “Goodbye In Her Eyes” from Zac Brown Band and “Madness” from Muse. Be sure to check out the Misa Digital Kitara, which is the instrument making the synth sound in Muse’s video. It’s kinda awesome.