Wedding Reception Playlist Music

Stuck not knowing which songs to play at your wedding reception? If you don’t have a DJ or just want to give the DJ a list of songs to work with, look no further. I compiled these from a few other lists, as well as suggestions of my own. This list is strictly fast/dance songs.Continue reading “Wedding Reception Playlist Music”

Relationships As Found In Music

Relationships. All of us have been through up’s and down’s, I’m sure. Do you relate to any of these songs? I”ve been here…   And I’ve also been here…   Of course, I’m often here…   Bitterness has brought me here…   And here…   I’ve also been here…   And here…   Most of the time,Continue reading “Relationships As Found In Music”

Headphones at Work

Do you ever have moments you just need to put on headphones and play music louder than the noise going on around you? For me at work, it’s currently: … on repeat. I like those noise-cancelling headphones, too. I use a pair when I’m mowing the grass. Maybe I should look into finding a pair forContinue reading “Headphones at Work”