Loyalty Pass It On Commercial – The Music and More!

I recently saw this commercial on TV and it got me to thinking. Who’s behind an ad like this? There’s no product being sold, no brand promotion, no celebrity endorsements. So what gives? First, check out the heartwarming ad below. Note that I can’t find the original on YouTube, so scroll down for the linkContinue reading “Loyalty Pass It On Commercial – The Music and More!”

Game Night: Redux

No, Redux isn’t the name of a game, a Subaru, or a country singer, I just figured since this is my second post about a game night, I’d label it as a part 2…like Scream 2, or Home Alone 2, or Hot Shots! Part Deux.* My friend B hosted his monthly game night and itContinue reading “Game Night: Redux”

The woman in Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know”

Brett Young seems to be making waves in country music this year. He’s got a couple of music videos out and the one for “In Case You Didn’t Know” is simple, and yet matches the mood and feel of the song really well. Sometimes less is more, right? Anywho, Brett is singing to a girlContinue reading “The woman in Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know””

Wedding Reception Playlist Music

Stuck not knowing which songs to play at your wedding reception? If you don’t have a DJ or just want to give the DJ a list of songs to work with, look no further. I compiled these from a few other lists, as well as suggestions of my own. This list is strictly fast/dance songs.Continue reading “Wedding Reception Playlist Music”

What’s up with Michelle Pfeiffer in a couple of new songs

You ask why, I ask why not Michelle Pfeiffer? She’s becoming to music what Betty White was to TV and movies a few years back. Michelle’s name is in two popular songs and at first I was going to write this fantastic piece about the why’s and the who’s but USA Today already did itContinue reading “What’s up with Michelle Pfeiffer in a couple of new songs”