Game Night: Redux

chris ledouxNo, Redux isn’t the name of a game, a Subaru, or a country singer, I just figured since this is my second post about a game night, I’d label it as a part 2…like Scream 2, or Home Alone 2, or Hot Shots! Part Deux.*

My friend B hosted his monthly game night and it was a real scream! I have a feeling lots of inside jokes are going to spring up out of this one. Even when I’m home alone I’ll chuckle about things that happened or things that were said there. Aside from the games, B has four rabbits and makes a killer quesadilla (he’s a real hot shot!), so they (the rabbits) were entertaining and tasty (not the rabbits!!!). We started off with a game called Pit, then switched over to Werewolf, which is a lot like Mafia, if that rings any bells for you. Our next game was Heads-Up, the Ellen game where you have to guess what’s on your phone as everyone else describes it to you.

We finished the gaming with one called Nouns. Really fun as each person comes up with 16 nouns and puts them all in a hat. Then you form teams and draw the slips of paper out one by one in a matter of three rounds, trying to get your teammates to guess the correct noun…

round 1: describe the noun as best you can

round 2: describe the noun with only 1 word

round 3: act out the noun without any words

This one is great because it’s free, you can be creative/silly/saucy with the nouns you come up with, and it can get challenging.

After the games, B sat down at his keyboard and began playing his medley of Disney tunes. It was so good! For a few seconds I got lost in the magic 🙂 I guess we were all still feeling a bit competitive, though, so we tried to guess the song titles and what movie each one was from.  B then tried out another medley he’s working on, a mashup of Bruno Mars songs. I guessed, maybe 3 out of the 9 or 10 songs he played. Clearly, I need to brush up on my Bruno Mars catalog.

I’ve always liked game nights, and last night is a good reason why.

-Out of the Wilderness

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Game night

I met up with a few friends last night for game night. The evening started out with 20 questions (which wasn’t one of the games) about being vegan, something these particular friends are giddy about quizzing me on… while they ate meatballs for dinner. They seem to be really stuck on the mayonnaise thing but I told them over and over that vegan mayo like the Hellmann’s in my fridge is super delicious.


Once their knickers were sufficiently in a bunch about all that, it was on to game night. We played Catan (aka The Settlers of Catan) first and it was only my second and a half time ever playing it. This game of strategy and deal-making is so fun. I was pretty horrible the first game, but then we played again and I almost won.


The next game we played was The Game. A pretty simple card game but really fun. If you’re interested in how it’s played, here’s a good explanation. It takes maybe 20 or 30 minutes to finish.

Lastly, we played Jenga. I don’t think any explanation of this one is needed, it’s a really fun game that can get tense!


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-Out of the Wilderness