I’m Not A Player, I Just Play A Lot

fifa12Lately, I’ve been obsessed with FIFA ’12, a soccer game on the PS3. Honestly, there’s a little part of me that feels like I should keep this to myself because I’m not a gamer. I sure as heck don’t want to come across as one, because I love the outdoors. I’m not fond of wearing headsets, chatting with gamers online about the latest World of Warcraft, sitting in a dark room with cheese puffs in a bowl next to me. But man, FIFA soccer is really fun. I haven’t played a soccer video game since college with my roommate Mike LaFavre. We played, gosh it must’ve been FIFA ’99 which seems like forever ago. I’m sure he’d still destroy me because Mike was good on Playstation soccer, and even better in real life.

What continues to amaze me are the graphics and the life-like look/actions of the players. It’s remarkable how realistic it all is. Games have come a long way since the days of Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt (pictured below), that’s for sure. Ah, well, I’ll just chalk this up to having fun in the winter/spring till the sun comes back to play.

She’s Not the Kind of Girl Who’s Single For Long

We all know the girls I’m talking about. More often than not, expressing that a girl can’t go very long without a boyfriend is a comment about the girl’s character or level of confidence, and it’s not a compliment. Usually the statement is used in a way that says, “This girl is so self-conscious that she needs a boyfriend to validate herself.” She’s an unhealthy version of “Justin Texterlake.” There is, however, another type of girl that doesn’t go long without a boyfriend.

I was a junior in college and it was football season in Tallahassee, Florida. Students were allotted a certain amount of tickets for each home game, and if you wanted to sit with a large group in the stadium, you had to camp out for those tickets. These campouts were extreme. There were xBox’s, Playstations, DVD players, lights, fans, televisions, barbecues, really the only thing that made it feel like camping were the tents.

doak campbell stadiumIt was during one of these campouts I started a relationship with this girl who had recently broken up with her boyfriend. She was cute, funny, thoughtful, spiritual, and single. We spent hours talking and I knew she wouldn’t be single for long for all the right reasons. She was the kind of girl good guys seek out. A healthy mix of “The Party” and “The Dark Horse.” In the days that followed the campout weekend, I was hopeful to continue building what started with this girl and the truth is, she wasn’t single for long.

UPDATE: I found out recently (say, summer 2015 that she had a crush on me! Click here for my reaction)

Feel free to share your opinion of these two types of girls. They’re both not single for long, but for such opposite reasons. I’m also curious if guys are thought of in this same way? Women readers, I’d love to hear some feedback because, as a guy, I will never be able to get into the mindset of what girls think, or how they view guys in the context of dating. (Part 2 of this story is here!)

-Out of the Wilderness