The Best of 2010

Last year welcomed a new blog into the world. Since the birth of ‘Out of the Wilderness’ in April, the site has attracted 26,604 views. The postings on this site cover everything from dolphins to Nashville to mustaches, Boney M, music, the power of words, ghosts, personality types, the BP oil spill, online dating, and much more. With all the variety of topics, though, the highest viewed posts are about the 2010 season of “The Bachelorette.” I posted a weekly review after each episode from the very first episode (meet the Bachelors) to the last when Ali picked Roberto Martinez over Chris Lambton. Curiosity about Chris drew in the most clicks among Bachelorette posts. However, the post with the most views overall will surprise you. It’s about a band called Boney M, international stars from the 1970s. Sadly, the male lead from the band died recently so searches for Bobby Farrell and Boney M have surged quite a bit since then.¬†Without further explanation, here are stats from ‘Out of the Wilderness’ this year, in order of most viewed:

1. Boney M In A Green Taxi
views: 9,699

2. The Bachelorette, Chris L.’s Tattoo Pictures
views: 6,887

3. The Bachelorette Episode 10
views: 839

4. The Bachelorette, Chris L.’s Birthday
views: 448

5. The Bachelorette Episode 4
views: 412

6. Slept Like A Log
views: 376

7. About the Author
views: 252

8. The Bachelorette Episode 8
views: 163

9. Will You Accept This Prose?
views: 147

10. Where Are All the Men
views: 138

11. The Bachelorette Episode 3
views: 138

12. Music Roulette: 50 Songs In 1 Paragraph
views: 134

13. Popular YouTube videos
views: 120

14. Fantasy Football 2010 Draft Order
views: 112

15. Ben Wilder vs. Nick Shell: A Facebook Battle
views: 110


Until a few weeks ago, I couldn’t claim I’ve had experiences with ghosts. In fact, I still may not can claim that. However, here’s the story.

I was home during the middle of the day. It was a cool, clear and sunny day, so after my dog finished her lunch, I let her out in the back yard. With a few spare minutes, I laid down on the couch for a short nap. It was a light sleep, waking up every few minutes, then dozing off again. About ten minutes into the nap, during one of the halfway awake moments, there was a figure standing with their back towards the couch, as if they were about to sit down where I was resting. I remember the figure being a pasty white, yet a bit translucent. Without regard to my occupation of the couch, the figure sat down right around where my chest was. Immediately I felt a tingling sensation throughout my whole body and was instantly fully awake. Was it a ghost or just my imagination? I’m more sure that it was all in my head, in a halfway dreamy state of slumber. But the house I live in does have an interesting history. It was built in 1957 but was empty for many years until more recently when it was remodeled, then sold (to me). And I’ve been told someone died inside the house. So this couch experience was strange, but not scary.¬†Had it been dark outside when this happened, I probably wouldn’t have stayed at the house that night, though.

Do you have any experiences like this? Feel free to share or comment on mine!