In His First 100 Days, Joe Biden Calls for 100 Million Americans to Sign-Up for YouTube TV

Washington, D.C. — President-Elect Joe Biden is already taking action even before he has officially moved into the White House. In his first 100 days after he takes the oath of office, he is asking citizens to stop clicking the ‘no thanks’ when YouTube asks viewers to sign up for its paid streaming service.

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Coming off a year where subscription rates exploded for YouTube TV, Biden still hopes Americans will unify with a common goal of slowing down the spread of other streaming services. “If we do our part as patriots, the price will come down and we can return to the normalcy we knew in 2019, before the ‘YouTube TV’ service rate increased under the previous administration,” Biden said at a recent press conference.

Asked if he will make this a national mandate, Biden side-stepped by saying that he, along with 3 former Presidents will be signing up for YouTube TV on a live broadcast next week. He then claimed that if you don’t know whether you want to sign up or not, you ain’t black.

Aides quickly rushed the future President off stage and announced a lid on press conferences for the remainder of the week.

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Lil Xan is a real person, really

First off, I realize I’m showing my age now by JUST finding out who Lil Xan is. All I can say about that is… I wish I never found out about him. The first images I saw were disturbing and it’s not just because of his tattooed face.

I’m trying hard not to judge because obviously I don’t know him, but if I had to sum him up in one sentence it would be this: Lil Xan is what happens when you make all the wrong choices.

Gee wiz, that sounded judgey, didn’t it?

Like that old Burger King commercial where the son said, “I wish I had never been broiled!” That’s kind of how I feel about stumbling onto this wrecked fellow. I was just watching YouTube and a video of Candace Owens popped up where she was reacting to a rude comment towards her from Noah Cyrus. I LOVE Candace. In the video, she was so well-spoken and I agree 100% with everything she said. Candace mentioned Noah having a bunch of tattoos so I looked up images of Noah. As it turns out, this is when I found out Noah dated Lil Xan for awhile. Even this was news to me. OK, yes, I’m not 20 yrs old so I don’t know everything about pop culture.

The tattooed pair were photographed together at various events, and images of him… I don’t want to say they startled me… I think disturbing is still the best word.

So now I have images of his face tattoos swirling around in my head and I can’t unsee them. Poor guy will live for the rest of his life with those. Imagine a little child looking up, “Grandpa Xan, tell me about the tattoos on your nose?” Grandpa Xan, “Well, little one, I was young and stupid once, so I got dots on my nose. Oh also, you can also see how stupid I was with this tattoo of snoring “ZZZ”s under my eye. Your grandpa was cool, huh?”

I guess I can’t help but make a grown-up judgement… if you’re thinking about a face tattoo, I’m not against them. But you better be 100 perXANt sure because getting them removed is more expensive and probably more painful. You know what, just don’t. Get a tattoo on your arm like everyone else. Also, don’t do drugs. Otherwise you’ll find yourself stuck in a life of which you XAN’t get out.

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Who’s the dude in Ingrid Andress “More Hearts Than Mine” music video… and more info!

Rising over 1.8 million views on YouTube, obviously Ingrid has found something that might just “make America cry again.” The music video premiered on April 24th so by now you’ve had plenty of time to watch it. But here’s another chance…

You can find plenty of info about the story behind the song, just check out this and this… but what about the video? Who’s the ex-boyfriend? What kind of car is she driving? Where was it filmed? Well, here’s what I found out!

[UPDATE: who’s the actress in this video? Click here to find out!]

The Dude…
Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 11.39.28 AM

The guy playing her love interest former love interest is actually a singer/songwriter himself. His name is Davis Mallory. He’s got a ton of stuff online so go check him out when you get a second. One interesting thing is he’s counted among the alumni of MTV’s Real World. From what I could find, I believe Davis is gay, so I kind of chuckled because Ingrid’s video is about breaking up with a boyfriend, who’s played by a gay guy. Perhaps this is why they break up in the story? So many layers to peel back!

The Ride…
There’s really not much to go on at all, but based on the headrest in the beginning of the video, I’ll bet this is a Volvo from the late 80s or early 90s.
Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 11.38.43 AM

Screen Shot 2019-07-27 at 11.40.11 AM
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If you know anything about cars or Volvos specifically, do share!

Location, location, location…
The video was filmed in Springfield, Tennessee, a town with a population around 17,000. It’s about 30 miles north of Nashville, roughly 2,100 miles east of Los Angeles. It’s home of one of Tennessee’s best 18-hole golf courses, but you won’t find me swinging clubs there.

I am a terrible golfer. Thanks for checking out my post, have a great day! If you’re bored, I posted my research on Lauren Daigle’s video for “Rescue.” Go there and be bored no more.

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A real shocker

It’s electric, boogy woogy woogy
Every winter there’s something I dread more than the icy cold temperatures, the sun setting at noon, and football seasons ending. Have you ever gone to shake someone’s hand, or open your car door, and zap! you receive an electric shock that startles the bejeebies out of you?

It happens to me a lot every winter so when this time of year rolls around, one of my top goals is to find out when it’s more likely to happen, and to avoid it avidly.

Queen of the Amazons
Last year I scoured Amazon and was happy to discover there are key chains out there for the sole purpose of eliminating static electricity. Click here to take a look at those (and please note, I’m an Amazon Associate so I receive a portion of any transaction made through this link). And yes, I just watched Wonder Woman last night, who said something like “Queen of the Amazons” more than once. Great movie, by the way!

I also came across a YouTube video that gives step by step instructions on how to manufacture an “anti static electricity stick”…

I went the DIY route, making my device pretty much exactly like the guy recommends in the video. Here’s my static eliminator stick.


Walking in high cotton
I’ve also tried to be more aware of what I’m wearing. Polyester is bad for static. So I try to wear more cotton. When I’m exiting my car, I try to get out without sliding across the fabric seat, and I’ll also grab the metal door frame as I’m exiting. Even inside my home I’ll get shocked as I go to pet my dogs. The air in my house is really dry because of the heater being on, and I use a space heater as well. One possible task for the future may be to get some sort of humidifier. Anyway, all of these methods seem to be helping.

So if you’re constantly getting zapped, try some of these ideas and hopefully, like me, your winter will be a lot less shocking.

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Making a successful/viral video

There are many ways for a video to go viral, but I’d like to focus on one: The candid shot when something crazy happens. It’s not enough to show a clip of an alligator crossing a street. But a turtle riding on the alligator’s back while it crosses the street? Now you’ve got something. Take look at this clip…

A lot of the clips in the video above illustrate my theory that your candid shot has to have at least 2 elements for it to go viral:

  1. The thing that may or may not be kinda cool on it’s own (i.e. a deer in the road)
  2. The completely wild element that makes the clip bazaar and amazing (i.e. 2 deer fighting in the road)

As you come across clips on YouTube and other websites, examine if they have one or both of these elements. When you’re shooting video, be on the lookout for that special ingredient that’ll take your video from mundane and common to extraordinary and rare!

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