Green Day song identifies as Grammy Award winner

Santa Monica, CA – Rock alternative band Green Day has another Grammy Award to brag about. Their decades-old song “She” recently declared it now identifies as “I Will Always Love You,” a track more commonly associated with Whitney Houston. The song has been called “She” since the early 1990s but as societal norms have changed in the past few years, Green Day admits being embarrassed about their close-minded song title. “The 90s were pretty wild,” says Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong. “But now ‘She’ can be whoever or whatever ‘She’ wants to be. As a band, we’re a lot more aware of pronouns and swapping out a pronoun for a couple other pronouns seemed like a no-brainer.”

This is not Green Day’s first Grammy Award, although awarding it retroactively technically does make it one of their first Grammys. It’s also a giant step forward for any artist who’s been snubbed by the Grammys but wants to be a Grammy winner (See: Katy Perry) (See: Snoop Dogg) (See: Queen).

Social activists and melophiles are calling BS on this new development. They are blasting Green Day for appropriating the work of a black woman, stating, in part, “Isn’t that just like the white man to take someone else’s hard work and call it their own?” Green Day learned of the fan fallout and now rumors have been confirmed that Billie Joe and the band dropped the name ‘Green Day,’ much like country music trio Lady Antebellum did in 2020. Completely overshadowing a Black artist who already went by the name Lady A, they took her stage name, in the name of racial progress.

Inspired by their heroism, Green Day will henceforth be known as Black Pumas, singers of Grammy Award winning song “I Will Always Love You.”

-OTW News


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