The New Nike Ja Morant Commercial – Music, Cute Shoes, and More

It’s seems fitting to say “good morning” as you check out my post today, even if you’re reading it some other time of the day. That’ll make sense shortly, but first let’s take a look at a new Nike commercial featuring Ja Morant, apparently a star for the Memphis Grizzlies (I wouldn’t know, I haven’t watched the NBA in ….how long?). Here’s the commercial then scroll down for more info!

The Music. The song is called “Good Morning, Mr. Echo” by Swing Slow. I’ve seen conflicting dates (1996 and 2018) but from my research, my best guess is that the song was released on an album in 1996.

The song is a cover version of the original from 1951, written and composed by Bill and Belinda Putnam.

The Shoes. Ja Morant also has a Nike shoe designed just for him, available for the rest of us, too, of course. I guess the days of a badass looking shoe (see: 1990s Air Jordans) are a thing of the past.

Very cute video, I’ll admit that! But a cute shoe, too? I’m sure that’s what every male basketball player wants to hear: “Sick three pointer, dude… and hey, adorable shoes.” Nike lost my business a while back and did nothing to gain it back when they recently released this bizarre “women in sports” campaign. Maybe if they just got back to selling quality products NOT made by kids in other countries, they’d be on the road to gaining customers back.

OK, rant over! How do you feel about the Nike commercial? Some are saying it’s a bit boring and doesn’t have the razzle dazzle of previous campaigns centered around star athletes. Chime in below and let me know what you think…

See you tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


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