Nothing could make me like NIKE less

It’s a fact that a talented high school kid shaved a Nike swoosh in my haircut when I was a freshman in high school and it was completely on purpose. But things got really real when my brother and I were joking (but half-heartedly serious) about getting Nike tattoos in college. Thank the Lord we didn’t! I did, however, make other questionable decisions in college– practically incinerating my hair to make it blond like Justin Timberlake and Lance in the *NSYNC era– that haven’t aged well.

My blond hair is long gone and another thing that’s long gone? Any fond feelings I had of Nike. I should’ve cut them off completely when they were caught exploiting children for labor in the manufacturing of their products.

But then they completely lost me around 2014 when they blindsided Florida State fans with a lame explanation for changing the school logo. I’ll never get over that. Since then, I don’t even like my alma mater, Florida State. Talk about ruining tradition, the exact opposite of the message they were promoting back then!

Nike’s latest move is not going over well with a lot of people. Kind of like Hershey’s hiring a man to promote women’s history month, Nike has sponsored a trans-woman to promote their women’s athletic wear. Which idiotic Oregonian thought that would be a good idea!? Whoever that person is (man, woman, they, them, he, she, we, us, 2SLGBITMD+ person) should, at the very least, be demoted if not fired. But why fire them? Well, they failed to realize there are humans out there who would be perfect for promoting women’s athletic clothes. They’re called WOMEN!! That advice was free, Nike.

Maybe Nike was just looking for another way to make more money by using the trans-woman’s fame? Here’s the promo causing a stir…

The video is giving off serious Richard Simmons vibes but I can’t recall Nike ever sponsoring Mr. Simmons, who was so likable unlike Dylan Mulvaney, who is just plain embarrassing in this video. Such a mockery of women. It’s also the picture perfect dose of irony that Nike posted a pic on their “Nike Women” Instagram promoting women in sports, you know… equality, fairness, climate change (huh?). In part, the post said this…

“Nike exists to champion athletes and sport.”

…athletes and sport? Nike, NOTHING in Dylan’s video fits your post. Well, first of all he’s not a woman. He’s not an athlete. And he knows nothing about sports. It’s a man in a bra! Haha, I can’t even type this without shaking my head in disbelief.

Top level female athletes are speaking out, too. They’re pretty ticked off about Nike using a biological man to advance the cause of women’s sports. Truthfully, it’s something we used to just see on Saturday Night Live or something more current, The Babylon Bee. We’re living in crazy times, folks.

Women, does Dylan wearing clothes meant for you make you want to buy more of those clothes? Chime in below, let me know if I’m the crazy one.

-Out of the Wilderness


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