Hershey’s hires spokesMAN for Women’s History Month

Sometimes I can hardly believe my eyes but in 2023 that happens pretty much daily. This time it’s Hershey’s. You know, the chocolate you use for s’mores. But now you can buy their chocolate for more than just campfire snacks. It’s also a show of solidarity for white men appropriating the female gender… and this, during Women’s History Month.

The ad aired in Canada so take it with a grain of salt if you live in the United States, I guess. I found out Hershey’s is standing by their campaign to hire the man (who goes by the name Fae Johnstone).

In a funny bit of backlash, conservative channel The Daily Wire is now selling chocolate of their own. You can find it at IHateHersheys.com and it comes with nuts and without (pun absolutely intended by Daily Wire).

This has gotten all a little silly, don’t you think? I’m holding on to the thread of hope that normal, sane people can see how ludicrous are the things and ideas the extreme liberal left believes or promotes.

I wonder how many feminists are outraged that Hershey’s hired a biological man to be the spokesman…spokeswoman… spokeswhatever… for their women’s campaign? You’d think every single one of them would be completely embarrassed on behalf of Hershey’s… but then the left would sort of be stuck in a conundrum. They can’t point out the idiocy of it without admitting trans-women are biological men. It must be tough to wake up every day and check their list of 1,201 things they have to get in line with to stay in favor with the group of people they long to be part of. Exhausting!

It’s even worse than this Gillette commercial from a few years ago showing a man shaving his face because he thinks he’s a woman. I wonder if he shaves his legs, too?

See you all tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


Published by Ben Wilder

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