Katy Perry and Her Trail of Tears

Only in a clown world would the victim of a school shooting be consoling a celebrity. That’s exactly what happened in a recent episode of American Idol. Dang it, and I was just sort of kind of starting to barely tolerate Katy Perry, a multi-hundred millionaire who broke down crying and yelling at America. Here in the video below where a student who went through a “mass shooting” is now singing on national TV, Katy flips the narrative to somehow be about her.

I’m scared, too.

katy perry

No one cares that you’re scared, Katy. Sorry to break it to you. I won’t tell you to just “shut up and sing” because, just like everyone, you are a human with thoughts and opinions and dreams and goals and fears. But this whole set up from American Idol will probably be the most cringe thing that happens all year. Honestly, did the guy even need to sing? He could’ve started his audition with the school story and they would’ve just handed him a golden ticket to Hollywood. I guess how much sob stories irritate me is a post for another day, though.

Katy. Stop crying. You aren’t changing anyone’s mind with your scripted outrage. But I did notice how quiet Luke Bryan was (about guns, specifically). That’s a man who knows his audience because I’ll tell you what, 99% of Luke’s fans have a gun strategically placed in each room of their house.

See y’all tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


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