The KIA Seltos Commercial – The Actress, Vaping Moms, and More!

Besides the fact that KIA’s upgraded logo isn’t symmetrical, as pointed out here, and I haven’t found an explanation why, they DO have nice-looking vehicles. But what’s with the crooked ‘A’, huh? TELL US NOW, KIA!

One of KIA’S latest ads is for the compact SUV model called Seltos. Take a look at the ad, named “Drop Off,” then scroll down for more info.

The Daughter. Playing the part of daughter and school-dropper-offer is actress and fashion designer Ciara Riley Wilson. You might recognize her from shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Quantum Leap, or the Netflix show Freeridge. It appears she’s on the way up, so let’s all cheer her on! Check out more of her accomplishments and projects on her Instagram: @CiaraRileyWilson.

The School. Because of the twist in the commercial, it’s obvious the Dad must be taking college courses. Or IS IT so obvious? They drive up to a school called “North Mount University,” which my research says doesn’t exist at all. My theory is the Dad is lying about needing to go back to college so he can get out of chauffeuring his spoiled daughter around to her keggers and running errands for his wife who just stays home vaping all day. It’s just a theory.

Do you like the twist in the commercial? In all seriousness (moms who like to vape, aside), I enjoyed the ad and the color of the KIA is pretty nice! Chime in below with your thoughts…

-Out of the Wilderness


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