“your truth” is a cop out

If I hear one more person talk about “your truth” or “their truth” or whatever, I’m going to scream! There’s no such thing as your truth, my truth, his truth, her truth, their truth, our truth. Nope. Sorry. If you pick up a green crayon and “your truth” says it’s yellow, I’m sorry but “yourContinue reading ““your truth” is a cop out”

And the Grammy goes to… Michelle Obama?

My thoughts keep coming back to the recent Grammy Awards that aired live Sunday night. I’ll preface this post by saying that I absolutely love music. I was pretty pumped to celebrate the great music from 2019, because there was a lot of it! The show was hosted by ultra-feminist Alecia Keys and, well, sheContinue reading “And the Grammy goes to… Michelle Obama?”

Top Quotes From the 54th Grammy Awards

A collection of the top quotes from the 54th Grammy Awards on February 12, 2012. “The dress goes great with her blue hair.” -from the E! red carpet show. “Whitney, we will always love YOU.” -LL Cool J, after a clip of Whitney Houston singing “I Will Always Love You” at a previous Grammy AwardsContinue reading “Top Quotes From the 54th Grammy Awards”

Degree of Injury: Funny or Not Funny?

A topic among some friends at work is the question, to what degree of injury does something funny become unfunny? The topic began with the discussion of the female reporter covering the Grammy Awards. Immediately after the news desk tossed to her, she bumbled her words, saying nothing that made sense, not even speaking wordsContinue reading “Degree of Injury: Funny or Not Funny?”