Dude, what’s that song in the Dell commercial? Answers here!

Dell has continued to take time and effort on making memorable ads. Sometimes it’s from a catchphrase like, “Dude, you’re getting a Dell…” Whoa, is fist bumping really 20 years old? Methinks we need to move on from that. Anywho… other times Dell uses catchy music, like this ad I wrote about. Well, Dell isContinue reading “Dude, what’s that song in the Dell commercial? Answers here!”

Toyota’s SUV commercial – The music and more!

Toyota has a new ad highlighting the capability of their SUVs in modern American life. In this ad, the SUVs are on pavement, gravel, and off-road trails and is there anywhere else you’d need an SUV? I think not! I guess Toyota thinks not, too. But having these big vehicles comes in clutch for anContinue reading “Toyota’s SUV commercial – The music and more!”

Only Daisy Cottage Cheese Ad – The Music and More…

Evidently this ad has been out for at least a year but it’s brand new to me. Check out Daisy’s commercial for cottage cheese, and be warned: you will be singing this song for at least the next three hours. This might be the catchiest original song in a commercial ever. One fan has evenContinue reading “Only Daisy Cottage Cheese Ad – The Music and More…”

The music from Big Sky episode 14 (air date 5/4/21)

*Check out music from Episode 15 here* Episode 14 was the coming out party for Margaret Kleinsasser but no spoilers here. Great episode and a great tease for episode 15. Meanwhile, the only song in the episode not created specifically for the show came about 57 minutes in. It happens to be one of myContinue reading “The music from Big Sky episode 14 (air date 5/4/21)”

Big Sky episode 12 music – April 2021

*NOTE: for music in episode 13 (airing 4/27/2021) click here* **NOTE: Music from episode 14 (5/4/21) can be found here** There weren’t many identifiable songs in Big Sky, episode 12 titled “No Better Than Dogs.” However, if you are wondering about the music you heard, I’ve got answers. Here is the list of music youContinue reading “Big Sky episode 12 music – April 2021”