Easy Decisions on Election Tuesday

It’s 2012 and you know what that means, we elect a president for the next 4 years! For most, the decision on who to vote for is easy because you either like this guy:

or this guy: 

But for those who are still undecided, perhaps these easy choices will help you have enough confidence to pick a President, also.

Decision #1: Wearing a pair of brown shoes. Obviously, choosing a pair should be easy… unless you’re me. I realized during a Sunday church sermon that I wore 1 shoe from 2 different pairs. Was God laughing? Probably.

Decision #2: This is an easy one. Of course you want to wash all your clothes at the Jumbo Washette! But, isn’t a jumbo washette just a normal-sized wash? You can’t have a large miniature pincher. It’s simply a doberman pincher then.

Decision #3: Stay one more year, kid.

My college or career goal is…

Decision #4: When it’s hailing outside, do you: A. drive in it, or B. not drive in it…?

Now go out there and vote, you can do it!


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