Toothbrushes for 20 years

Have you ever thought about this…

You could buy 40 toothbrushes at $1 each and with that $40, you’d be set for 20 years. 

20 YEARS! 

Speaking of “essential items” like clothing, hygiene, etc, is there anything else on which you could spend so little and it last so long? This is blowing my mind right now. Cars, computers, food, shoes, shirts, watches, pens, pencils, masks, sunglasses, sunblock, the list goes on and on with things that wouldn’t even come close to the longevity of these 40 toothbrushes at such an affordable cost. 

At the time of this post, I can only think of jeans coming anywhere close to this fascinating quality of toothbrushes. Actually, jeans are unique also because in theory you could buy 40 pairs and be quite prepared to wear them for 80 years (assuming each pair lasts 2 years). The downside is the cost… even at $20/pair, you’re looking at $800. 

Jeans and toothbrushes. Who woulda thunk it. 

If you can add to this list, comment below. I’ll be waiting because I’m just so down this rabbit hole of a topic it’s not even funny. 

-Out of the Wilderness