Taylor Swift’s first music video?

I had just moved to Nashville and one of my first paying jobs was as a production assistant for a music video. I was so excited! I don’t remember many of the details that day, but I do remember The Jordainaires, and a tall, curly-headed blonde girl that I walked by a couple of times. She ended up being part of the music video along with a choir of singers and songwriters…
taylor1…but I had no idea who she was. You wouldn’t have known either because this was BEFORE her first album came out! Scroll down to check out a 17-year old Taylor Swift starting around the 2:10 marker in the Wayne Warner video “God Bless the Children.”

Travelling Taylor Swiftly into the Night

The other day I was driving down the interstate and what did my eyes behold? Taylor Swift! OK, not exactly the Taylor Swift. But it was a semi-truck with her last name on the side. Seconds later it was cut off by a truck bearing “West” on the side and I heard it say, “Yo Swift truck, I’m really happy for you, I’m gonna let you keep driving, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!”
swiftEvery time I see these trailers, I think of Taylor Swift for obvious reasons. The first time our professional paths crossed was in 2006 at the music video shoot for Wayne Warner and “God Bless the Children.” My guess is this video would be shot a lot differently today than it was in 2006, because Taylor wasn’t a superstar back then.

Taylor’s days as an unknown audience member in a Wayne Watson music video are long gone.¬† Her stock has skyrocketed and working at CMT, her name is heard quite often around the offices. I wonder if her worldwide popularity even affects the tractor-trailer business? I can’t imagine having “Swift” on the side of your trailer is a bad thing. ¬†Unless you’re Harry Styles.

-Out of the Wilderness