List of weird or interesting music videos

I put together a list of music videos for my niece and I watch. My criteria was simple: weird and/or interesting music videos. You see? Not much to it. I wanted to find videos that were either completely strange, had unique editing elements, or totally engaging. So here is a short list of the videos we watched.

Bishop Briggs – “Wild Horses”… This video pretty much has everything we were looking for and a sweet bonus, the song is very memorable for it’s catchy chorus. Take a look at the wild content, timely editing, and engaging singer.

Next up is Caroline Jones “The Difference” and this video is by no means strange, but the song tells a story that’s entertaining to follow. Editing is well-done and, well, the cars are so nice. Take a look and the bonus in this one is that it is “to be continued…” so there’s a follow up music video.

My niece and I really like the music videos from Jain, so third on the list is “Dynabeat” …which falls right in line with the creativity she shows off in previous music videos like “Makeba” and “Come.” She’s so talented with her music, and although we didn’t love this video, we liked it a lot and it’s still the best-edited video and most creative on our list.

This next one is, hmm, how to describe it? It’s the one we talked about the most afterwards and you’ll see why. Like us, you may only be able to watch it once because of sensory overload and when I say sensory overload, I mean sensory overload on steroids. There’s so much going on in this video that you almost have to watch it more than once just to catch everything that’s happening, but it might make give you motion sickness, be warned. It’s “PONPONPON” by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Last video on the list is one I was excited to show my niece. Actually it’s not a music video, but a live performance of “Purple Rain” by Prince. I fell in love with the video the first time I watched it, and that’s after writing it off as what I thought would be a cheesy performance from the 80s. Prince performed at the 1985 American Music Awards and while the set was kind of bland and forgettable by today’s standards, it’s Prince. When has he ever needed an actual stage to keep people’s attention? I go into more detail about why I like this performance here so for now, here’s a video that has simple editing, but incredible emotion and a great build-up to the climatic ending…

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any suggestions for this list, chime in by commenting below.

-Out of the Wilderness

Making lyric videos

In the past few years, I’ve really taken a liking to putting together lyric videos using music by popular artists. One of the first was for NeedtoBreathe’s “Multiplied” which I’ll post at the bottom. But I’m so happy with how my latest project went. Equipment used: GoPro Hero3, Roxant handheld stabilizer, DJI Mavic Air, edited on Final Cut Pro X.

Here’s my take on Lauren Daigle’s “Rescue”…

and NeedtoBreathe, “Multiplied”…

More about the guy in Adele’s video for “Hello”

By now you’ve heard Adele’s latest song “Hello.” That is, unless you’re not one of the millions who helped it break the record for fastest selling single of all time! And if you’ve seen the video, you might be wondering who the lead character is. Wonder no more! Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.47.51 AMHe’s Mack Wilds (Tristan Paul Mack Wilds is his full name). He got his start in entertainment on the show The Wire but might best be known from his role as Dixon Wilson on The CW’s 9021090210This guy does it all; acts, writes and produces music, performs, however he does not eat cheese (thanks, IMDB trivia!). Must be tough as a native New Yorker with all the pizza there. Might I recommend Daiya vegan cheese? Yum yum!

With all the positive comments I’ve seen about Mack, it’s not surprising Adele would call on him for her latest video. Look for him showing up more and more in music videos, on TV, and on your radio!
MackWilds2 Mack Wilds1-Out of the Wilderness

The woman in Omi’s “Cheerleader” music video…and other fun facts about the video

[click here for more about Keith Urban’s new video “We Were”, the post will open in a new window]

Omi undoubtedly has the hit of summer 2015, right? But who’s this woman below?
Scroll down to find out!

sheila video

She’s cute, she can dance, and this is not the first music video she’s appeared in. But who is she? You’re about to find out!

sheila tattoo3

from her IMDB page

Her name is Sheila Leason but she goes by Sheila Marie (Marie is her middle name).

She’s also in the Nicki Minaj video “Only” as pictured here:Sheila NM3 Sheila NM4 Sheila NM5 Sheila NM6 Sheila NM7

She also played a part in the Elvis Crespo featuring Pitbull video “Sopa De Caracol.” If you want to see that, click here.

Since “Cheerleader” came out, she’s been in the Ray J featuring Lil Wayne video for “Brown Sugar.” Check it out here, she’s mostly in the last half of the video.

She’s been featured in Kay Jewelers stores, the link to those pics is here.

You should follow her on Twitter! Her handle is @Ms_SheilaMarie_

Her cousin is Associate Pastor Johnny Olivardia from Impact Church in Miami, Florida.

Some other fun facts about the song and the 2015 music video:

1. It was shot at Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida. Part of the beach is “clothing optional”…yes, that means there are naked people walking around so don’t look for Google images of the beach, or at least don’t say I didn’t warn you.

2. The dancers learned the choreography in just a few hours, according to this video.

3. The song was originally released in 2012 and was a hit in Jamaica and Hawaii. There’s a music video for that version (sans Sheila Marie), here:

4. “Cheerleader” started gaining traction in the U.S. when Simon Cowell (famous producer and former judge on American Idol) did a deadpan performance of the song, which you can see here.

5. The version we are hearing on the radio is the remix done by German DJ/producer Felix Jaehn, and if you haven’t seen the video yet, you might as well take a few minutes and check it out. 

6. The car looks to be a classic 1975 Chevy Caprice, as seen below. I learned from Johnny Diaz who reports for the Sun Sentinel that these restored and tailored cars are called donks. Thanks for the info Mr. Diaz! Read his article here.

caprice 75chev65874-1
7. Behind the scenes of the video:

8. You might be asking, “But who are the other two dancers in the video? Come on!” Well, I’ve got the answer, check it out on this more recent post.

9. It’s being called the song of the summer by lots of critics. Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon continues to say that, too, but also called this song a possible song of the summer. History will tell! Here’s a clip from the Tonight show of Jimmy doing a pretty hilarious rendition of the song as Donald Trump:

-Out of the Wilderness

Top 5 Kenny Chesney Music Videos

Kenny Chesney’s come a long way since this:
kennychesneyAlthough one could argue that mullets (no, that’s not a shadow you see, it’s a mullet) were once considered cool. Just like rat tails and fanny packs, one of which I still wear today. I’ll let you guess.

rat tail haircut

rat tail haircut.

Hint: it rhymes with shmanny shmack, but I digress. This is not about me or the convenience of having a 5th pocket! It’s about the best Kenny Chesney music videos in all the land. So before I reveal too much about how cool I was in junior high, or how rico suave I am now, here are Kenny’s Top 5 music videos.

Video 5: Come Over. For me the song might forever be ruined by the parody “Comb Over,” but just looking at the video itself, it’s amazing. Shot in Miami with a boat that I drool over, Kenny Chesney steers the vessel to a seaside residence and well, you can probably guess what happens in Miami late at night with a scantily clad woman. But all I can think about is that boat.

Video 4: The Boys of Fall. Maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with football in all it’s forms (college, NFL, fantasy), but this video makes me want to throw the pigskin clear over those mountains right there. I love that he includes clips of Dan Marino (the Dolphins were my team when I was growing up) and Neon Deion Sanders (a favorite Seminole). From top to bottom, this is a good one. Just don’t go to the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville too often, you’ll get sick of the song/video on repeat. all. day.

Video 3: I Go Back. If the first 45 seconds don’t suck you right in, then you’re a yankee! Down here in the south, it’s football, family, and faith… sometimes in that order. From the way the audio clips are weaved creating a sense of nostalgia to the crisp, engaging style of edit, this is a great video.

Video 2: Who You’d Be Today. This one hits the heart. Mostly because I’m a softy (yes, one of my favorite movies is The Notebook). This video reminds me how much I love my family and friends, and if it doesn’t do the same for you, then you’re a yankee!

Video 1: There’s no question this is the best video of all time. When martians are digging around the rubble of downtown Nashville in the year 2538, I hope they find a VHS copy of this video and feel really bad about destroying our earth! The video is like a “salt life” sticker for your eyes. Actually, salt life stickers are for your eyes, but let’s say those stickers are a book mark and this video is the novel… all about why we love falling in love, why we love the beach, and how those two sometimes go hand in hand.