The case of the missing frisbee

When I was in Florida a couple of weeks ago, a tragedy happened! Not a real tragedy like this date that went horribly wrong, or flying my drone into a tree…

…but a tragedy my dog Asia would have been devastated by. I say “would have” because luckily, she never found out that her frisbee went missing! Well, I say “luckily” but luck didn’t find her frisbee. My parents did!


The frisbee is often thrown into the ocean and one particular day, it was thrown into cool water and then we all left on a boat excursion. A few hours later the frisbee was nowhere to be found and no one could say exactly where they last saw it.

My brother and I scoured the shoreline but came up empty. I was upset at first because Asia loves this frisbee, but if I’m being honest, I was more upset about the lack of care from responsible parties. I guess I’m officially an adult when things like that bother me. I had given up on finding it and somehow was able to let the carelessness of others wash by like water under a bridge. I can tend to hold grudges, so this was progress, right? I guess I’m officially a Christian when things like this can be “let go” of. Thank you Lord 🙂

I made it back to Nashville frisbee-less and not more than a day later got the text from my Dad that what was lost was now found. Hallelujah! Amazing grace! OK, that doesn’t exactly fit but I’m so happy to know Asia will have her frisbee again when we get back to Florida, thanks to her favorite grand-puprents!

-Out of the Wilderness

I sold my drone, here’s why…

A couple of years ago, I was really excited to fly my drone for the very first time.

Since then I took her up on a lot of flights around Nashville and north Florida, and even a time or two in the Bahamas.

When it was fun, it was really fun. But as time went by, I found myself flying it less and less because of a few reasons:

  1. I live near an airport so flight at my house is restricted.
  2. There are barely any areas in and around Nashville that are officially approved for drone flying.
  3. More restrictions seem to be going into effect weekly (registration, legal times to fly, locations to fly, prohibitions, rules, etc).
  4. I won’t let the man tell me what to do!
  5. It felt like one of those situations where it’s good to quit while I’m ahead.

By “quit while I’m ahead,” I mean the drone was in good shape, no major crashes, and I still had the drone… meaning I didn’t lose it in the ocean, a lake or river, or had it just fly off never to be seen again. So the other day I let her fly off with someone else.

It seemed like the right time and so far I don’t regret it. I bought a nice Pelican-style case from Sam’s Club and customized the interior to fit the drone and it’s accessories, so at this time I miss the case more than the drone 🙂

IMG_20190322_071906 copyIMG_20190322_072103 copy

Do you have a drone? If so, how are you feeling about the rules in place that restrict flight in so many scenarios? What do you enjoy most about your drone?

Thanks for stopping by!

-Out of the Wilderness

Making lyric videos

In the past few years, I’ve really taken a liking to putting together lyric videos using music by popular artists. One of the first was for NeedtoBreathe’s “Multiplied” which I’ll post at the bottom. But I’m so happy with how my latest project went. Equipment used: GoPro Hero3, Roxant handheld stabilizer, DJI Mavic Air, edited on Final Cut Pro X.

Here’s my take on Lauren Daigle’s “Rescue”…

and NeedtoBreathe, “Multiplied”…