My Shower Playlist

Between the bathrobe and the fanny pack is the all important shower. The few minutes I spend there are often accompanied by music. A soundtrack to my shower, if you will. Here’s the current playlist:

“All 4 Love” Color Me Badd
A classic song from the early 90’s. For a entertaining performance of this song on the Arsenio Hall Show, watch the video below. Color Me Badd… a boy band before boy bands were boy bands. Consider them a cross between Boyz II Men and line dancing.

“All Across the Western World” Caedmon’s Call
One of my favorite bands I listened to during college. The band has a heart for people around the world, not just the United States. Some of my favorite songs are about the country and people of India. But they also have gritty, honest lyrics about living a life on the narrow path.

“All These Things That I’ve Done” The Killers
I consider this one of the best songs ever made. I’ve discovered multiple levels of meaning in it, and at times have thought the lyrics were about me. The song has nothing to do with wakeboarding. However in this video, it has everything to do with wakeboarding.

“I’m Scared” Duffy
Of all the songs I have on my computer/iPod/phone this is the only one I will never skip past. I don’t know if it’s her voice or the lyrics, but I must listen to it every time it plays.

“Uprising” Muse
A new favorite of mine. The band performed this song at the 2011 Grammy Awards and since then I’ve heard it on television, at hockey games, and in any situation that requires an adrenaline rush. Great song for the underdog and those fighting against oppression.

“Guiding Light” Muse
My first thought after hearing this song, “Wow.” I won’t lie, I often will listen to the song on repeat while I’m in the car. Four times? Five times? Ten times in a row? It’s not enough to catch the fascinating, compelling details and depth in this song.

“Kiss Your Feet” Delirious?
A fantastic reminder of what’s important. An even more fantastic reminder of WHO’S important. When it comes down to it, we were born for a simple and fulfilling purpose.

“Time for Me to Fly” REO Speedwagon
I’ve been a fan of REO Speedwagon for many years (since the first time I heard “Take It on the Run”). This is a well-written song about a sort of awakening someone has, realizing they’re in an unhealthy relationship and making the choice to move on. Great, great song. It can also be associated with pelicans.

“To Be With You” Mr. Big
Not sure why this is in my playlist other than it’s a song I liked a lot a long time ago. I still don’t know all the lyrics. Let’s be honest, can anyone really go wrong by including a song by Mr. Big? No.