Major Cuts Coming on American Idol

Besides contestants who sent themselves home before we even got a chance to vote them out (I’m looking at you Kaya Stewart, who totally left Fire hanging, and the mysterious 26th contestant who left, making room for Paige Anne), last week was our first chance to vote for the 26 singers on American Idol. There were some great performances and some I’ve already forgotten. But the AI machine is going full-speed ahead because tonight six singers are going home. If you think that’s brutal, tomorrow night eight more will pack up and head out.

That’s right. After the double episode round airing tonight and tomorrow, there will only be 12 contestants, less than half of the amount still in the competition at the time of this posting! It’s going so fast and my weightiest thought about the show is, when are they going live? In the heyday of Idol, once they reached rounds with America voting, the episodes were live. Now it’s all pre-recorded (probably to save money since the ratings aren’t what they used to be). I guess it could be structured like The Bachelor franchise where every episode is taped and edited and everyone has to remain hush-hush till the season ends and the winner is revealed. Both Idol and Bachelor are on ABC so that formula wouldn’t surprise me. They’ve already taken a page out of the dating show by increasing from 24 to 26 contestants. I think the Bachelor is up to 82 women hoping to find love each season so is that what’ll happen on Idol, too? I don’t doubt it because who cares about made-up rules, anyway? Still, though, there’s something about watching the performers sing live that adds an element of excitement, plus they get a chance to really feel the nerves of singing in front of millions vs. hundreds.

With that said, among the 20 who are still “in it to win it” (miss you Randy Jackson!) are my three favorites: Zachariah Smith, Iam Tongi, and Megan Danielle. Last week (see recap here) each of them showed off their incredible talents although I’m a little worried about Megan’s stage presence. I’m not worried about Iam at all. His momentum seems to be building rapidly, some people predicting he’ll be become the next American Idol.

…or Not?
A few that I think will get sent home sooner rather than later are: Pjae, Olivia Soli, and Dawson Wayne. Great singers but I don’t see the draw. Pjae had a really great first audition but since then hasn’t had any shining moments. Olivia, a lot of praise for her from judges and some online reviews but I’m not connected to her as an artist and she’s a little boring on stage. Dawson Wayne, I had to look him up to remember who he is. Interesting fellow but possibly a bit too mellow to make a mark long term.

Are there any black horses in the competition this year? Let me know your predictions in the comments. Or if you just want to be blast me for making bad judgements on the singers who I think will, or should, go home. 🙂

-Out of the Wilderness


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