Groundfloor – An alternative to real estate

I have little to no interest in becoming a realtor because I don’t think of myself as a people person. Definitely not a salesman.

Not to mention it’s hard work. I saw all the work and effort put in by my realtor friend when we sold my house. By the way, you can’t go wrong with Jonathan Mills in middle Tennessee.

“He’s the Gandalf of real estate.”

Totally not his slogan but it should be. So real estate is not something I’m into but last year I found this site called Groundfloor and after reading up on it and finding out what it’s all about, I decided to put a little cash in to see what happens.

If I had to pick three words to describe my experience so far, I’d go with: STEADY because the return on investment has been positive and comes in pretty steadily depending on the properties I choose. EASYGOING. I don’t get dozens of emails from Groundfloor upselling me on other services. I feel like I can go at my own pace, research where and how I want to without Groundfloor bombarding me with messages. DETAILED. When you check the site you’ll see they list properties available to invest in. For each property they list a lot of info about it from the loan being repaid (by the seller of the property) to the home itself. The amount of detail is abundant so it’s easy to find out more about each property if I feel the need. I’ll also say this: It’s kind of fun to find properties all over the country, even in cities I’ve lived in before.

If you’re interested at all, comment below and I’ll share more of my experience. If you want to dabble a little bit, you can also use my link to get $50 free once you invest $100 or more. It’s a deal worth looking into, I’m glad I did. Plus, we don’t have to go to open houses or talk to people. Perfect for us introverts. šŸ˜‰

See you tomorrow…

-Out of the Wilderness


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