The AT&T Christmas Commercial – The Song, the Singer, and More!

Just when you think the best holiday commercial has already aired this season (Amazon is was the best with their snow globe ad), another one comes along and becomes the glittery star at the top of the Christmas tree. Enter AT&T. Take a look at their ad featuring everyday heroes then scroll down for more about the music from the commercial…

The Music. The song is “Here Comes the Night,” most well-known by Them (Van Morrison) over 50 years ago. But as you’ve already figured out, this AT&T cover version is special. It’s one of those moments that stopped me in my tracks. I had to see and listen! The singer is Isla June, a singer/songwriter in Los Angeles. She’s on Instagram and TikTok (so follow her on those platforms- Instagram: @IslaJuneMusic and TikTok: @IslaJuneMusic) and one of her Instagram posts is such an endearing reaction of her watching the commercial on TV for the first time. There’s also an acoustic performance of the song with cover co-creator Trent Bower (so follow him, too… @trentbower). Confession, I might like the acoustic version better than the one in the commercial, if that’s possible? Check out both of the Instagram posts below.

The OG. Here’s the version of the song from way back in 1965 by Them (although the very first release of the song was by Lulu in 1964).

There are also covers by other famous artists, so I’ll include one of my favorite country singers, Dwight Yoakam, from 1997.

Final Take. Best cover of “Here Comes the Night,” hands down. In fact, is it sacrilegious to say this short cover of the chorus is BETTER than the entire original song? I’m sure anyone who hears and watches this commercial wouldn’t hate to have a full version from Isla June and Trent Bower. I’d be curious how they tackle the verses of the song, which have a fast tempo with lyrics that are less charming than we’d hope for such a tender chorus (it IS a break-up, lost-love song, after all). But the commercial music… I was not ready for it. Such a refreshing take on a song from last century. Because of the song and arrangement from Isla June and Trent Bower, AT&T has the best Christmas commercial this season and that’s saying a lot because, well, Publix is almost always #1, with ads like this.

How do you feel about this ad? Does it rank high on your holiday commercials list? Thanks for dropping in…

-Out of the Wilderness


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5 thoughts on “The AT&T Christmas Commercial – The Song, the Singer, and More!

  1. Why’s the original guy out of the commercial now. It’s just the male nurse, female trucker, Santa and the chick from all the att commercials. Whyd you take out the hotel guy???


  2. Amazon has the best Christmas commercial of 2022 “you hold me i…I can fly” absolutely gorgeous low-cost life-size snow globes. Today Christmas Cost too much att is overpriced and full of hidden fees and mean people. Amazon is the easiest and kindest company.


  3. I love Isla June rendition of HERE COMES THE NIGHT. The sweet sound is insane! Record immediately and keep it soft, tender as the snowy Christmas night! Great redo of a fabulous song! Love Isla’s voice! Do not go alta and loud!

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